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DS2 having some difficulties with a boy in his class

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overtoyou Tue 09-Sep-08 09:47:12

They've only been back a week and already I'm worried about something or other for all of them, so I have to acknowledge that it may well be me, but what would you do about this?

He's just started yr1. There is a boy in the class from a very large family (6/7 DC's I think) Not that that is relevant in itself, but all the children have poor reputations in terms of behaviour. This one seems to have some learning difficulties too. Anyway DS2 tell me he's often sad at school, because X pushes him when they are lining up. (I had the same story last year too)Sometimes this results in DS2 bumping into other children and apparently yesterday, DS2 knocked another boy over. DS2 is worried that the teacher/other boy thinks this was his fault, although he wasn't told off and the first boy was, so I don't think this is the case.

Sounds like the teacher is well aware of the situation, so should I say anything? I don't want DS2 to think I'm not supporting him, but think it's unlikely the teacher can do more than she's doing.

Imnotok Tue 09-Sep-08 09:50:34

I am having the same problem with my dd atm she is also in Y1 and getting bullied.

I would go in and chat to the teacher and ask what is going to be done to help your ds with his worries .

If things are not resolved I would ask for a meeting woth form teacher and HT .


FranSanDisco Tue 09-Sep-08 10:03:08

I would speak to your ds about how to keep himself "safe". If he knows this boy pushes then try to avoid standing near him in line etc. This will make your ds see he has a little control over the situation. I would also speak to the teacher to get the "bigger picture". Year 1 can be a difficult year with personalities. Lots of "I won't be your friend ..." going on and lots of tale telling to the teacher. I remember when dd was Yr 1 the class teacher was really keen to try and encourage the children to work out their problems with help from her rather than taking sides. My ds is now Yr 1 and I'm waiting for this to begin with him but this morning one of the girls in his class was practically dragged across the playground by the mum and dad. She was crying and refusing to go in. It appears her friends aren't playing with her anymore sad.

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