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Anyone know a good history site?

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onebatmother Mon 08-Sep-08 21:23:42

Hello there.

DS1 is nearly 7 - and they're doing the Great Fire of London in his new Yr 2 class. Next up it's the Victorians.

I'd like to get him some info that is a bit more detailed than they're getting in class - but all I can find is stuff aimed at adults, or very basic material.

Any ideas?

Feenie Mon 08-Sep-08 21:33:40

I know a few...


onebatmother Mon 08-Sep-08 22:05:24

blood and thunder!
Thanks a lot Feenie, I'll investigate these tomorrow. Brilliant.

Feenie Mon 08-Sep-08 22:07:34

No probs grin

smartiejake Mon 08-Sep-08 22:32:39

Here's a good one here specially for key stage 1.

smartiejake Mon 08-Sep-08 22:38:25

Also try this search engine- topmarks Just pick history and it gives a list of lots of sites with the key stages they are suitable for. Lots on the year 2 topics of famous people, great fire of London and the victorians.

onebatmother Tue 09-Sep-08 11:24:40

Oh brilliant smartiejake.

Have bookmarked all of these, so thanks to both of you.

DS went into school with the idea that in fact, the GFOL's effects were not all bad, since the influx of migrant labour, the move away from the centre into the new suburbs, and the economic benefits of the rebuild made London the booming and powerful city that it (ahem) is to this day.

Which is a bit more like it, and is exactly the kind of thing which grabs his interest.

I've just found on one site a recipe for the small-cakes which they think might have caused the baker's fire - perfect.

Threadwworm Tue 09-Sep-08 11:26:36

Let me know if you are planning to bake them -- and I'll let my sister know that she should work from home today, not go into town.

onebatmother Tue 09-Sep-08 11:28:09


I am a master-baker, as well you know, Threadie, being a regular at Wankers' Corner.

(you've got to say it quickly)

MikeRotch Tue 09-Sep-08 11:28:41

spartacus was good for history in secondary YEARS ago

Threadwworm Tue 09-Sep-08 11:29:03


flatmouse Tue 09-Sep-08 11:31:43

The cbbc website has always had good information and links for school history.

When DS was doing various "famous people" including Florence Nightingale, Cbbc website had specific information. Take a look there. It's also given us fab links for the Tudors (this year).

arizona Tue 09-Sep-08 11:35:36

Woodlands Junior School website is very good. Click on homework help to get to history part.

onebatmother Wed 10-Sep-08 23:04:13

Oh, thanks for that. Both brilliant.
This has been very useful, and not just in the short-term.

the class are making 'small cakes', as baked in the bakery were it all began..!

<unaccustomed glow of involvement>

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