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Is it me or does anyone else think 4.9 is a bit young to start swimming lessons with school?

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electra Mon 08-Sep-08 18:52:28

Dd2 has just started reception and she has to go swimming this week. Ok, part of me is just being silly and precious about not wanting her to go to the scummy local council pool (it is particularly unpleasant), but she is so little for her age - she is the same height as a lot of 3 year olds!

Is this the norm? Because when I was at primary school we didn't go swimming until we were 7.

Spatz Mon 08-Sep-08 18:58:48

At DD's school they start in yr 3 - aged 7. That is causing plenty of trauma among the mums where we are!

nell12 Mon 08-Sep-08 19:00:12

It does seem a little early, usually it is only the schools with pools on-site would start swimming in Reception.

Swimming is a compulsory part of the National Curriculum, but don't worry they will not be expecting her to jump in the deep end just yet!

She will be learning to float and propel herself along, with or without bouyancy aids.

The target is for your dd to be able to swim 25m by the end of KS2

DiscoDizzy Mon 08-Sep-08 19:02:02

I suppose yes its early to have to learn swimming but DD started voluntary swimming lessons at 4.9 and she can swim now (5.3). She'll be doing what nell said.

electra Mon 08-Sep-08 19:04:38

Well in her school information it says something about swimming galas, so perhaps they are trying to rush them into it! I really would prefer her not to go but of course I will grin and bear it because I can't exclude her from her peers.

electra Mon 08-Sep-08 19:05:27

And I suppose it is very important to be able to swim.

geogteach Mon 08-Sep-08 19:05:55

Ours do it in reception but not till term 3. Believe me the biggest trauma is the getting dressed and undressed part, besides this the water part pales into insignificance!

cory Mon 08-Sep-08 19:09:51

Sounds good to me. Dc's junior school only offered swimming lessons in Year 4 or 5 (forget which) to those children who did not know how to swim at all.

Spatz Mon 08-Sep-08 19:13:35

I do think it's a bit early - getting used to school is hard enough without getting undressed and cold and wet.

hecate Mon 08-Sep-08 19:14:52

younger the better, imo.

AbbeyA Mon 08-Sep-08 19:19:21

An excellent time-the younger the better. I expect they will have plenty of help for changing.

ChirpyGirl Mon 08-Sep-08 19:47:20

I have had my DD's in the pool since they were both 3 months old. Okay, they can't swim, but know enough not to panic if they hit the water and can get themselves to the surface (by which point I would be in after them)
Can't start swimming early enough IMO.

tortoiseshell Mon 08-Sep-08 19:48:57

Ours do it from Y1 and it's fine - lots of parents walk with them to the pool and help with changing etc. I think it's great that they do swimming that young.

electra Mon 08-Sep-08 20:37:16

Hopefully it will all be worth it then smile I do think I'm being a bit precious grin

Kewcumber Mon 08-Sep-08 20:42:22

I learnt to swim at 4 (differnt country) seemed perfectly normal there and would love DS's school to tach swimming that early would save me a fortune in swimming lessons.

islandofsodor Mon 08-Sep-08 20:44:51

That's really good. Most state schools don;t start until year 3. I think they should all start in reception.

LIZS Mon 08-Sep-08 20:48:14

dd was just 4 and couldn't even stand up in the shallow end. Mind you it was the school's pool so not a big deal to get there, change etc

dutchmam Mon 08-Sep-08 20:59:16

DS just started reception and has had his first school swimming lesson today (aged 4 y and 1m). He loved it! I have no idea how the kids all got dried and changed but they did. The teachers must be miracle workers smile

unknownrebelbang Mon 08-Sep-08 23:38:50

They start swimming in reception at my sons' school, but usually in the last term of the year.

imaginaryfriend Tue 09-Sep-08 13:53:24

They start in Y3 at dd's school but I've been taking her to swimming lessons since she was just turned 4. You'd be amazed how quickly they get confident in the water. Dd had rarely been to a swimming pool before her lessons as I can't swim blush

Butkin Tue 09-Sep-08 15:33:13

DD went in reception (she enjoyed going on the bus the most!) but not until after half term.

They divided them into groups of ability and she was in the bottom group which suprised us because she'd swam since she was a toddler at her nursery which had an indoor pool.

This summer we've taken her swimming ourselves but she still hasn't grasped it doesn't like going out her depth even with a float and lacking confidence).

Just started back in Yr 1 and she kicks off swimming again next week so we'll see how she gets on then.

The parents can go and help them change before and after the lesson although plenty of teachers if parents can't be there.

custardo Tue 09-Sep-08 15:35:26

Message withdrawn

Skramble Tue 09-Sep-08 15:43:12

Don't hold back now grin

Local pool changing rooms can be scummy and getting 5 yr olds changed for gym is bad enough never mind trying to get a group of them dried and dressed after swimming.

Tha actual swimming side of it wouldn't worry me, unless she had never been in a pool much.

If you are worried about that side of it best thing is to volunter to help that way you know she is OK.

whooosh Tue 09-Sep-08 15:46:34

Never too young IMO-it can save their life at the end of the day.....

electra Wed 10-Sep-08 08:50:37

custardo - your nastiness is uncalled for.

I did admit I was being precious.

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