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New school tomorrow more nervous than my ds is this normal

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chocaddict Mon 01-Sep-08 11:57:29

My ds starts at a new school in another area tomorrow and I think I am more fretful about it than he is actually he is quite chilled about it and I think he will be okay.
Its me I don,t know a soul at the school and I am dreading trying to get to know other parents and walking onto the playground into a sea of unknown faces.
I have met his teacher and she seems nice and a couple of others who seem okay but I am a bag of nerves for the first day.
Is it normal to feel like this.
You know how it is you become used to a school and its general routine and then you have to start all over again at a new one.
You would think it was my first day at school its so ridiculous for a grown woman.
Is there anyone in a similar situation who feels the same.

FrockHorror Mon 01-Sep-08 12:03:57

My situation is similar in that DD was attending a school nursery until July and I had, by the time she left, started chatting with a few parents (I actually made some friends from it!) but now DD is about to start reception in a different school, plus I am collecting DD's friend from another school as her mother works so in effect, I will have to do it twice and I am a bit nervous but only because I find it quite difficult to make friends <saddo>.

I have spent most of the holidays worrying about all the newness and the having to get involved with other parents at the school but I have decided to go in and just see what happens. I'm also going to try and not look surly and miserable (which I have a tendency to do blush). However, if others do not want to talk to me, I won't be upset because I don't know them anyway IYSWIM.

As for the routine of a new place, I'm sure you will pick it up really quickly. Give it a couple of weeks and you will probably wonder why you were so worried.

Good luck to your DS tomorrow and good luck to you too. I'm sure you'll be fine. Just remember, deep breaths!

chocaddict Mon 01-Sep-08 12:09:35

Thanks my ds has to make new friends all over again but he is generally quite good at that.
I have the problem of being really shy and never having a clue what to say to people what makes it worse is that all the other moms will know each other and will probably have done so for the last few years.
My ds is the only new one in the class, the others have all moved up from the infants.
Does anyone have any tips for breaking into an established clique of moms.
Any tips for breaking into a conversation or a conversation starter with people you don,t know.

FrockHorror Wed 03-Sep-08 12:08:36

I find a few days of smiling and saying hello in passing works well because before you know it, other parents are talking to you. I have a terrible habit of listening in to other conversations on the playground and it is quite embarrasing when others notice but I find more and more that instead of being ignored, they start to direct their conversation my way too.

DD has a friend visiting today whom she met at nursery. She is her first real friend, picked by DD rather than kids of my friends. Her mum is coming too and I think it is because I had to kind of force my way into their circle. I really like the mum and we seem to get on ok, although we won't see as much of each other now the girls are going to different schools. Because of this, I am more determined to make an effort at big school for DD with other parents.

As for conversation starters, it seemed to come quite easily for me, as I was pg with DS when DD started at the nursery and had him about a month before DD left so everyone was keen to see him and kept asking all the usual questions about weight, is he good etc etc.

The weather is always a good one too, especially if it's raining and you are all cowering under a doorway! Being that close to other parents makes it easy to mutter something about the rain and you don't have to worry as much about them running away from you (or is that just me blush?)

How did it go anyway?

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