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Organising a school fete - have no experience - can anyone help?

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claudiaschiffer Wed 27-Aug-08 01:03:44

Hi, I have volunteered to organise our school fete. Yay lucky me! However I've never done anything like this before (probably why I was so keen to volunteer wink). Anyway, has anyone done this, do you have any advice? What stalls would your recommend? Anything that particularly draws in the crowds/money? Any tips on getting a sleb to open it? [hopeful emoticon].

Any advice or tips you have would be gratefully received. Thanks.

claudiaschiffer Wed 27-Aug-08 01:04:38

Also are you aware of any legal/health and safety issues that I need to take into account? This is a bit tricky as we are in Australia but anything that I may need to take note of would be useful to know.

claudiaschiffer Wed 27-Aug-08 09:28:09


MorocconOil Thu 28-Aug-08 21:33:05

When is the fete? Is it going to have a theme ie christmas? If so you can plan activities/ stalls around this. Will it be inside or outside?

I organised two fairs last year with another parent. We had about 3 others who helped with organising it, then on the day had about 25 parents and teachers who ran stalls, helped set up and clear away.

Food is the biggest money spinner, and the key is to get as much donated as possible to maximise profit. The Tombola and nearly new stall were the other 2 main money spinners for us.

We put on craft activities such as decorate the cake and percussion instrument making. We ran several competitions such as guess the weight of the cake, and a cake competition.

We hired a climbing wall as the main attraction.

It was hardwork but very enjoyable.

Good luck smile

MorocconOil Thu 28-Aug-08 21:35:57

In England there is the NCPTA web-site which can give you info on organising school events including health and safety isssues. NCPTA is the National confederation of Parent Teacher Associations. It is very good.

claudiaschiffer Thu 28-Aug-08 22:58:57

Thanks mimizan, will go and google ncpta now.

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