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How many after school activities is too many for a 6 year old?

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QuintessentialShadows Wed 20-Aug-08 09:26:07

We started him on Tennis in London. He had violin lessons in school, and he loved it.
He wanted to continue both tennis and violin here (in Norway)

Today they rang me from the music academy (no in-school or after school violin, only the music academy) that he has been offered a place for violin to start monday. AND a place for a more broad curriculum with music, dance, drama, singing.

Then many boys in the class are members of the local sports club, where they do football, baseball, street dance, running, skiing, etc....

Violin on mondays
Music/Drama on tuesdays
Sports on thursdays
Tennis on fridays (IF and it is a big if, they can get up and running a group of at least 4 kids, so far he is the only one interested this year)

What do I do? Which should I cut? The dance/drama, the sports or the uncertain tennis?

ReallyTired Wed 20-Aug-08 11:38:43

See how he gets on. He might find he doesn't like all the activities.

Personally I think there needs to be time for relaxing and playing with friends

If I was you I would cut the uncertain tennis.

marialuisa Wed 20-Aug-08 11:40:21

How long is the school day? DD did a similar amount of activities at 6y and coped fine but some were at school which helped me a lot. She's now 7 and her activity timetable is more focussed but still full. Finding time for music practice is our biggest difficulty.

marialuisa Wed 20-Aug-08 11:42:13

We both work f/t so playing with friends etc. is a weekend thing for us as I can't really manage it in term-time because off woek commitments.

QuintessentialShadows Wed 20-Aug-08 11:48:22

I would gladly keep all the activities. But, we live 20 minutes drive from school. We also have a 3 year old, who goes to preschool (full time nursery) close to ds1s school. The logistics will be difficult. I may have to drive back and forth 3 times.

And I am afraid it will really have a bad effect on ds2, rushing from nursery early to sit and witness ds1 having an activity, or being picked up later than usual so I can take ds1 on activity while ds2 is still at nursery/preschool. It is a headache.

The tennis is the one he wants the most. It costs £80 per term. The violin costs £100 per term. Sports just £20 and the music/drama another £100. That is 300 per term, in addition to after school club (£100) which is up to 2 hours per day.

He is in school from 8.30 till 13.30. Then after school club (general play, and activities and a meal with his school friends) till 3 pm mondays and tuesdays, and 4 pm the other days. Will have to skip the club for the tennis, as it starts 3 pm on a friday.

A terrible timetable to get to grips with.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Wed 20-Aug-08 16:13:47

Ask him.
If he is really keen on the tennis, why not dorp one (or more) of the other actvities and offer to pay for the shortall if less than 4?

fartmeistergeneral Wed 20-Aug-08 16:20:59

It must vary from child to child, but I reckon for my 7 yr old 3 a week is enough. Remember, he's only 6 and could take up tennis next year, year after, year after that etc. There's plenty of time, no need to do everything this year.

Smithagain Wed 20-Aug-08 16:36:46

Depends on the child. My dd is six and would not cope with more than two - she will probably do one after school club and maybe one "out of school" thing. We do also have church kids activities on Sunday, though.

I'd talk it through with him - which does he want to do now and which will have have another go at next year? I agree that it is likely to be a bit unfair on his brother - DD2 detests watching DD1 doing something that she's not allowed to join in with!

QuintessentialShadows Wed 20-Aug-08 17:08:03

Thanks guys.
I have talked it through with him.
We are opting for the Violin and Sports, and will cross the bridge about tennis if and when we hear something from the course coordinator. This leaves us with two classes, one on monday, and one possibly on thursday, which is a good gap.

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