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I am volunteering at ds's school and

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twentypence Thu 07-Aug-08 06:17:41

I am running a music club - I am a music teacher and have volunteered for the term.

I only have 6 children which sounds lovely, however 2 of the girls absolutely hate each other. I am talking so much that they are not allowed to be in the same place unsupervised.

However because they are being supervised (by me, a volunteer - the fact I am also a teacher is irrelevant as I have no "power" at this school) it's okay for them to be in a small space together driving me mad. Apparently.

My main irk is that the only reason I found out they hated each other so much was because I sent one girl back to class because she told me my activity was "dumb" and wouldn't join in. Her class teacher accompanied her this week so she could apologise and promise to make "better choices".

It just seems very strange that such a large behaviour issue should rest for a whole afternoon with a volunteer without any warning, tips or tricks.

I know I'm spoilt, as a music teacher I normally get to pick my own pupils and would avoid these 2 like the plague - but how will I get through the next 7 weeks?

posieflump Thu 07-Aug-08 06:42:04

how old are they?
If yuounger won't it all blow over anyway?

twentypence Thu 07-Aug-08 08:41:45

They are year 4. It seems this has been happening since they started school. They just hate each other.

Which is probably because they are both very similar.

mrz Thu 07-Aug-08 12:14:15

I may be being cynical but I think the group has been selected to give the class teacher a break. You should have been informed and you should not be expected to supervise them alone.

twentypence Thu 07-Aug-08 20:39:41

Absolutely, I think the class teacher was extremely motivated to get them back into the class once I sent them out.

I think she should have asked me if I wanted the girl back before she rolled up with her and her apology.

One of the other boys has to fiddle with everything in the room (and it's a teacher aide room with open shelves so there is lots of stuff looking bright and inviting).

So between me telling the two girls to sort it out, and him to stop breaking things not a lot of music is happening.

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