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Anyone know about Nottingham High School Lovell House (Infant)

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fishnet Fri 18-Jul-08 17:19:05

DS1 has his name down to start in September 2009 (although I understand its ultra competitive and so he might not even get in) but someone at a party at the weekend told me that they are having all sorts of problems and that people are thinking of withdrawing their children.

Anyone have any experience of the school? I know its new so likely to have a few teething problems.

Orinoco Fri 18-Jul-08 21:55:17

Message withdrawn

bogie Fri 18-Jul-08 21:57:19

Don't know much about it but I looked at that and St Josephs and ds is going to go tio St Josephs it impressed me more tbh.

marialuisa Tue 22-Jul-08 12:56:45

Another bump. The building work appears to be in full swing, don't know anyone going for entry to YR although know a few starting Y3 in September.

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