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Y4 results - no change since Y3 - should I be worried?

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earthworm Wed 16-Jul-08 16:58:49

Hello I have been a frequent lurker here, but this is my first post.

Basically DD1 achieved level 3a at the end of Y3, and again this year at the end of Y4. At the end of Y3 it looked quite good but now it looks a bit pants.

I talked to her maths teacher (who is retiring this week) and she said that DD's mental maths is great but that her concentration lets her written work down. She appeared pretty unconcerned about the lack of progress and focussed instead on the fact that DD is still likely to get Level 4 at the end of Y6. Would you be worried? Am I being neurotic? Please come and make me feel better (or not).

alardi Wed 16-Jul-08 17:46:35

If it were me I wouldnt be chuffed, but surely they must have good and bad years? So it's normal for them to develop in spurts & plateaus? Plus there can be flukes on tests ("assessments"). DS doesn't test as well as he responds to verbal questions in class, for instance.
Do you think there's a reason why she didn't progress thisyear, bad teaching or whatever?

loadsofsmiles Wed 16-Jul-08 19:24:44

Are the levels from tests or from teacher assessment? It could be the case that the Y3 teacher was generous with her assessment and the Y4 teachers more cautious. It won't look good on them not to have moved her up, so it is very honest of them. At the same time they won't be able to tell you that a colleague over rated her last year.
What did she get at Y2, this might give you a bit of a clue, was there a big leap between the end of Y2 and end of Y3?

TheRealPhartiphukborlz Wed 16-Jul-08 19:27:05

looking at dd's reprot, thre doesnt seem to be generlaly much difference in year 3 and 4, i don't think they do move very much normally, a b to an a for exmaple

earthworm Thu 17-Jul-08 10:07:29

Thanks for replying.

The levels this year are from tests rather than from teacher assessments, so presumably accurate, although I don't know about last year. At the end of Y2 she got a 2a so she did make a huge leap forward last year, which suggests that her Y3 teacher could've been a bit over generous. I guess I will have to chalk it up as one of those 'bad years' and hope for an improvement next year!

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