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questions to ask when visiting a primary school

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sallycinamon Wed 16-Jul-08 08:58:42

I'm visiting a local primary school this morning which my daughter might attend next September. Can anyone give me any idea of what I should be looking out for as signs of a good school? What sort of questions should I be asking?


Dragonbutter Wed 16-Jul-08 23:32:52

Bit late, but how did you get on?
We've just started looking at primary schools for DS1 for next september too.
We've seen 3, but i don't think i know which one to choose.

AbbeyA Thu 17-Jul-08 08:58:00

I am surprised that you didn't get any replies. How did it go?
It is really the feel of the place and whether you felt that your DC would fit in.
If the Head showed you around she should have known the names of all the DCs and they should have been keen to talk to you. It is a good sign if children were detailed to show you around.
Did the school look tidy and well cared for?
Was children's work displayed?
Were the children working in a purposeful way?
Were they cooperating with each other?
Were they on task when not immediately under the eye of the teacher?
Ask about class size and TA help in the classroom.
Ask about bullying, if they tell you that they have none it isn't a good sign it probably means that they don't do anything about it. Much better if they tell you how they deal with it. Do they have playground friends and peer mediators?
Ask about homework (answers here depend a lot on whether you like it or not!)
Ask about reading schemes and bringing books home.
Ask about extra curricular activities and trips etc.
How much sport do they do-look at the facilities and equipment.
Anything else that you are interested in further up the school-opportunities to play an instrument, foreign languages etc.
I expect that I have missed out a lot.
Above all go with your gut feeling.

aideesmum Fri 25-Jul-08 15:03:49

My ds will start school in Jan 2010 so I better get started then I guess with visiting?

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