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Who else has a child leaving primary this week?

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lilibet Mon 14-Jul-08 16:01:31

My dd started at the primary in 1993 and I've done school gate duty ever since.

I'm really emotional about ds2 leaving and know I'm going to be a weeping mess at the things for leavers this week.

Anyone else?

stillthinkinaboutit Mon 14-Jul-08 16:05:22

know what you mean, worried my daughter not quite ready to move up. Or at least i'm not quite ready for that yet!! Primary to secondary--such a big step!!

KatieScarlett2833 Mon 14-Jul-08 16:06:11

Mine left over a week ago. Was extremely traumatic (for me, not him) as he's our youngest. Now it's all secondary school and hormones to look forward to. End of an era.

lilibet Mon 14-Jul-08 16:08:58

My ds1 is going into his lat year in Spetember, dd is already in the big bad world of work.

I'm very emotional about this sad

Nearly cried driving home tonight just thinking about Friday. In fact I've considered telling him to walk home jsut to save myslef the heartache and tears - we live quite near to school but it's on my way home from work so most times I get him but sometimes he walks.

lilibet Mon 14-Jul-08 16:11:17

Sorry - didn't make myself clear there - ds1 hits year 11 in September, ds2 leaves primary and starts high school this year

castille Mon 14-Jul-08 16:14:22

My DD1 left last week.

She cried, I cried, and I've still a DD there and a DS who hasn't started school yet! What will I be like when he leaves I wonder....?!

unknownrebelbang Mon 14-Jul-08 22:31:39

DS2 is moving on, and DS3 will follow next September.

I feel more emotional this time round than I did when DS1 moved on three years ago.

Tinker Mon 14-Jul-08 22:38:39

My eldest leaves next week. Don't feel emotional at all (worried now). But my youngest starts pre-school in September, that makes me feel sad.

katw3kitts Mon 14-Jul-08 22:43:50

My eldest left last week. Made me feel really old.

Quite an emotional day all round.

unknownrebelbang Mon 14-Jul-08 22:49:37

I wasn't emotional over DS1 Tinker, just excited for him (and blardy amazed that I had a child going to secondary when I'm just not mature enough for that!)

Tinker Mon 14-Jul-08 22:57:23

I'm looking forward to it - I don't have to drop her off en route to work, she can just walk. Am wondering when she'll get her first detention hmm

foofi Mon 14-Jul-08 23:00:41

DD finished school on Friday. Mixed feelings from me, but she was quite sad. I think she's ready to move on though.

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 15-Jul-08 09:17:47

we have this coming up next Wednesday - last sports day today, leaver's assembly on feeling quite emotional about it all - he is my only child,so it feels like an end to this stage of I was looking at a photo taken of him at a concert on Saturday and he looks older/more grown up sad but also smile

lumpsdumps Tue 15-Jul-08 09:38:45

My DD1 leaves next week, which I know she's ready for. Am feeling abit sad about it and she knows I'm unable to go to her leavers assembly next week. She's got her prom next Monday night, which they are all looking forward too. I'm not feeling as emotional as I did about DS1 leaving, but I think it's because I know she's well and truly ready for this next big step in her life.

roisin Tue 15-Jul-08 20:16:34

ds1 is in yr6 and is very emotional about leaving primary. He's been in tears several times over the past few days, which is unusual for him. His best friend will be going to a different school.

They are doing a 'show' tomorrow about their time at school, but neither dh or I are able to attend; then there's leavers' assembly on Friday.

He's going to a large secondary school and seems quite laidback about that side of things, but I'm feeling quite stressed about it all.

ByTheSea Tue 15-Jul-08 20:21:10

DS2 is leaving next week. I am looking forward to his Year 6 concert and DH and I will take him out all on his own after that. I am hopeful that he can do well in secondary, where he will join DS1. Now I only have my two well- behaved DDs left at primary. I shall hopefully never again be accosted in the playground by DS2's teacher to have a talk about his behaviour.

roisin Wed 16-Jul-08 18:13:15

I've just been trying to write a thank you letter to his teacher/school and failing miserably.

I feel quite emotional about it all and don't want to come across too gushy. Also this year loads of staff apart from his regular teacher have had input in different things (Music, IT, French, RE, Literacy, Sport, Residentials, PPA cover) that I don't want to mention individuals for fear of missing someone out.

saffy202 Wed 16-Jul-08 18:35:17

My youngest leaves next week, I have been going to that school for 11 years.

Celia2 Wed 16-Jul-08 19:05:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ifeelsleepy Wed 16-Jul-08 19:51:43

My ds leaves primary next tuesday and I feel as though I am going to be an emotional mess on the last day.
He will be leaving all of his chums behind. most of them are moving up to the Juniors that is federated with the primary, however my ds is starting at a complete new school.

It feels so sad although we have said we will all keep in touch.

unknownrebelbang Wed 16-Jul-08 21:46:45

Saffy, I'll have done 11 years when DS3 leaves next year.

unknownrebelbang Wed 16-Jul-08 21:47:52

Was quite touched last night when one of the dads said we must keep in touch. We are friends anyway, but he's a strong silent type usually.

lilibet Thu 17-Jul-08 09:15:00

I've done 15 years - started at 30 , I'm 45 now sad

It's the songs that make me cry - I can't hear 'One more step along the road I go' without dissolving into tears

Proud mother moment coming up!

Yesterday we had the Sporting Acheivements assembly, where he got awards for football, cricket, netball (they have mixed teams in everything) and crown green bowls!!

Then last night it was the church service and prize giving where he won the award for the highest SAT mark in science. The head teacher told us afterwards that his was the highest mark the school had ever had - he got 78 out of 80. grin

Cue more tears from me and ds2 muttering "I hate science"

bellavita Thu 17-Jul-08 09:22:19

DS1 leaves primary next Tuesday, I think he is looking forward to secondary school.

I still have DS2 at primary - he will be moving into Yr4.

Yr end play last night and tonight. Prom tomorrow night. Leavers service and disco Monday and assembly Tuesday.

I don't feel emotional at the minute, but I know I will shed a tear next week as they have to each do a little speach in the assembly.

herbietea Thu 17-Jul-08 13:51:34

Message withdrawn

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