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Out of these 2 scenarios which do you think is better?

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DD, currently in Year 2 - has not had a good year and is struggling.

Next year she will either be in a Year 3 class with an apparantly weak teacher. Or she will be in a mixed Yr3/Yr4 class with an excellent teacher. Obviously I would like her to have a good teacher but am worried that the jump into Yr3/Yr4 might be too much...hmm

Am going to see the head later to discuss and not sure which one to push for...

Romy7 Fri 11-Jul-08 11:24:31

apparently weak in whose eyes?

(not criticising, but round here 'weak' is very subjective and there are children that thrive despite the parents worst predictions)

even if it is a mixed yr 3/4 class the work will be differentiated according to ability, so it shouldn't matter too much...

take the advice of the head if you trust his/her judgement?

Weak according to the parents of tha majority of kids in the class and of the head who just left and said he agreed with the comments regarding the teacher when I asked him about it.

The work should be according to ability but this year they put the "more able" children in dd's Yr into the Yr 2 class while my dd and others were in a Yr1/Yr2 group. So they seem to prefer having children of a similar ability in the same class.

Romy7 Fri 11-Jul-08 11:56:14

ooo. take the advice of the teacher she's had this year?
do you know why she has been struggling this year? perhaps better to get to the root of that which would help you make your mind up?

Fennel Fri 11-Jul-08 11:59:04

Our school has only mixed year classes. They are split up into groups for working, it's not so very different an experience from being in single year classes.

I would go for excellent teacher over weak teacher any day.

colie Fri 11-Jul-08 12:08:45

Dd school is the same. Always composite classes but split into groups within class. Agree with fennel, I would always want the better teacher.

Seasider Fri 11-Jul-08 12:11:05

My DS has been in a mixed Y3/Y4 class this year. He is a Y3 child and young (still not 8!) He thrived – usually the school is good at judging what will suit your child. But a strong teacher is always preferable...

Good Luck

Thanks. Got the good teacher in the mixed class. Will see how it goes but am happier with this option.

ChipButty Fri 11-Jul-08 22:21:27

I cannot believe a departing Head spoke negatively about a staff member. How unprofessional.

I really must stay away from these threads <blood boils>

Do people speak about other professionals in this manner? I think not. sad

ChipButty - strictly speaking he wasn't negative about her but he agreed with out negative comments.

He did however astound me by when I mentioned that I was aware there are 2 very disruptive boys in dd's class he interrupted me and started to tell me about how they were in foster care, had adhd, had to be in inclusive education but they were trying to get X excluded due to his behaviour [shock}. My DH had to interrupt him and tell him it was non of our business. My jaw was on the floor.

with our, not with out. sorry.

ChazsBarmyArmy Sat 12-Jul-08 09:54:15

ChipButty - I work in the City and believe me professionals there don't pull their punches when discussing each other.

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