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Yr6 SATs have been marked 'wrongly'

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OrmIrian Fri 11-Jul-08 07:57:11

We got the papers back in time but apparently there were huge numbers of inaccurately marked papers. So they've been sent back. All the children have been asked to bring the test papers that they did in the run up to provide evidence of the sort of marks they were getting.

Is this just sour grapes on the school's part - they need good results this year- or could it really be a screw up. Anyone had an experience like this?

unknownrebelbang Fri 11-Jul-08 08:11:22

I don't know - but I do know of at least one Yr6 student who has burnt all his practise papers...

(not my son - haven't a clue where he's chucked saved his.

OrmIrian Fri 11-Jul-08 08:12:39

I only know because I put them somewhere safe. I think he'd have happily burnt them or used them as bedding for his rats.

robinpud Fri 11-Jul-08 08:18:02

I think this is going to run and run. I know of a school locally who got exceptional results last year in one area and so their year 6 teachers have been working throughout the area pasing o their " expertise" only for this year's SATs to be returned showing that this year's scores are appalling.

Either all scripts will end up getting remarked or the results will be ignored, and teacher assessments used.

SATs play such a part in school's self evaluation pocedures and so inform the judgements of Ofsted inspectors that no school is going to accept resluts which they feel might be inacccurate.

OrmIrian Fri 11-Jul-08 08:21:06

They are particularly important for our school this year because we were put in special measures a yr ago. The rest of the school has improved massively and has been assessed as good and outstanding in most of the areas. But the lowish SATs results for Yr6 were a big problem. The children and the teachers worked really hard on them. Which irritated me a little at the time TBH but now it's done it will be most unfair if they don't get the marks they deserve.

mindfulmama Fri 11-Jul-08 08:21:24

Actually I think it is a national thing... we have not had results yet as they had to be remarked

corblimeymadam Fri 11-Jul-08 08:54:21

Message withdrawn

herbietea Fri 11-Jul-08 08:59:47

Message withdrawn

wessexgirl Fri 11-Jul-08 09:02:57

My cousin marks SATS and is well behind this year - the result of general administrative rubbishness e.g. being sent the wrong school's papers, computer records being blank/inaccurate etc.

The QCA are saying results will be delayed by a week, but she reckons it will be more like several weeks.

CarGirl Fri 11-Jul-08 09:15:35

The school dd1 attends had their paper collected a week late and they were pressurising the head to sign off the paperwork to say they had been collecting fraudulently!!! No surprise they're not ready yet.

OrmIrian Fri 11-Jul-08 09:17:55

The worst of it is that some of the dimmer parents (we have a few of those) are blaming the school. The head was rounded on loudly and aggressively by one of the mothers in the playground this morning. Poor bugger! He's the one responsible for bringing the place back from the brink.

ICantFindAFreeNickName Sat 12-Jul-08 15:28:20

How do parents know the results yet ? I thought all SATS results had been delayed, or is it just some area's ?

RustyBear Sat 12-Jul-08 15:33:50

Some schools have got the papers back & they are adding up the marks - the levels for the marks gained are online, so they can give a level, but it's not official - and if the concerns about the papers not being marked properly turn out to be justified, the schools may have to withdraw their 'unofficial' level

OrmIrian Mon 14-Jul-08 08:14:36

We got the papers back but they were inaccurately marked according to the head. So they were sent back. That is the the literacy papers. Science hasn't come back and the school is looking at the maths papers now.

OrmIrian Wed 16-Jul-08 13:35:35

Well DS#1 casually let slip that he has his SATs results yesterday. Not literacy - those have been sent back, all those children predicted level 3s had level 5s and vice versa hmm. But he got 4a in maths and 5b in science. He was so pleased with himself but tried to pretend he didn't cos school is so boooring grin

2Eliza2 Wed 16-Jul-08 13:39:42

I feel so sorry for the teachers and the children. What a fiasco!

bellavita Wed 16-Jul-08 13:42:15

DS1 came home yesterday with his marks - so are all schools wrongly marked?

OrmIrian Wed 16-Jul-08 13:43:36

No I don't think so. But if the marks are way off what the teachers expected they can challenge it. The school is having to pay though,

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 16-Jul-08 13:45:30

Good place to lurk is TES forum there have been loads of threads there about this subject!

bellavita Wed 16-Jul-08 13:47:55

I assume then that our school think that our marks are ok given that Yr6 pupils have been told.

We were pleased with DS1's results as he had to have someone scribe for him due to a broken arm and it must take a lot more effort to say what he meant rather than just write it down if that makes sense?

EachPeachPearMum Wed 16-Jul-08 13:51:47

This is common- especially with English Papers.
Some schools don't even have their results back yet!

OrmIrian Wed 16-Jul-08 13:54:29

I wasn't expecting them yet TBH eachpeach. I knew they were challenging the literacy papers and was assuming the other results would wait too.

bigdonna Wed 16-Jul-08 14:01:58

my ds got his sats results yesterday,and were what we expected

EachPeachPearMum Wed 16-Jul-08 14:06:45

they usually come in at different times- different subject markers of course.

There is a kerfuffle every year over the marking- it is likely school is entirely justified in sending them back, things seem to be gettign worse.

ByTheSea Wed 16-Jul-08 17:45:14

We got DS2's results today and they matched the teacher assessments to the letter.

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