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So the SAT's results are not only late but appear to be inaccurate.......

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VanillaPumpkin Thu 10-Jul-08 13:50:17

I have just been helping out at my dd's school. They have the year 6 results back and are having to appeal a significant proportion of them as they appear to be inaccurately marked. What a huge waste of their time and resources. What a mess this company has made this year. And I heard they have the contract for five years. Gah!
Has anyone else had this problem?

QueenMeabhOfConnaught Thu 10-Jul-08 14:54:19

I haven't heard that ds1's school has had their results back yet.

fatzak Thu 10-Jul-08 15:02:29

I was due to mark for them this year but pulled out even before the standardisation meeting. The communication was dreadful, they were calling asking the same questions time and time again, sent me contract for wrong papers then spoke to DH thinking he was marking for them!!!
I'm just not surprised at all, I was waiting for this to happen. A lot of schools may get the results next week, but as most office staff are striking Wed/Thurs, the children may not get them back.

VanillaPumpkin Thu 10-Jul-08 15:40:38

One of the ladies is a marker and usually gets the papers in plenty of time. She was not able to complete her usual allocation of marking as the papers were so late getting to her hmm.

VanillaPumpkin Thu 10-Jul-08 15:41:39

lady's ??

VanillaPumpkin Thu 10-Jul-08 15:43:25

Where are the pedants? How should I write that? One of the teachers is a marker = one of the ladies is. I was right the first time. Was I???

TheFallenMadonna Thu 10-Jul-08 15:44:52

I declined a contract this year.

herbietea Thu 10-Jul-08 15:47:42

Message withdrawn

VanillaPumpkin Thu 10-Jul-08 15:55:05

It is an American company iirc.
The fact there are two experienced markers on this thread who did not mark this year speaks volumes doesn't it?

SorenLorensen Thu 10-Jul-08 15:59:01

If a school cocked up this badly it would probably be put in special measures...

VanillaPumpkin Thu 10-Jul-08 16:07:46


The man hours our school has spent already to prep the appeals so far is ridiculous. Three members of staff, including the Head who certainly all have better things to do at the end of term.....

TheFallenMadonna Thu 10-Jul-08 16:10:54

It's such a tight turnaround with the marking that if the papers arrive to the markers late, the results will be late back to schools. And I think the level setting in some subjects wasn't done in time this year either, so papers are being returned with raw scores and not levels?

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