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easily led 5 yo DS getting into trouble-long sorry!

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avonesque Wed 09-Jul-08 20:33:01

I don't know if this is the right group but help! My son is just coming to the end of reception and all was well but for the last 3 months or so he is best friends with another boy who is consistently naughty and cheeky and now DS is getting into trouble, so much today he was kept back at school with the other boy rather than go on a trip.
I have met with school and it is apparent to all that he is easily led and being told to do things that under normal circumstances wouldn't cross his mind, eg. telling the friends mother he hated her before registration, thankfully another parent had heard her son tell my son to say it and he had! this is a school with just one class per year so they can't be split, the other mum has been into school but just thinks its boys being boys. We tried monitoring to no avail, when the head told them why they weren't going today she told me they just laughed. Before this friendship DS had no issues at all, schools words!
What can I do, do I tell DS not to be friends! Any advice would be appreciated. : (

Hulababy Wed 09-Jul-08 20:36:15

You need to split the friednship for a while.
Playdates - arrange lots of them especially over the holidays wth other boys in the class; help forge other close friendships with better influences.

Chances are this other little boy will matture over the next few months and be less of a problem, and you should also work on your DS in terms of his thinking skills - agains oemthing that will come with maturity - and making the right decision, and not being led by others.

avonesque Wed 09-Jul-08 20:44:51

Thanks, this is all really helpful. I will call around and find out who is around when and set up some dates and also talk to son about decisions and choices.

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