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Waiting to hear about who will be ds's teacher next yr.....

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ipanemagirl Wed 09-Jul-08 12:43:29

ds is very happy at school but has had two years of teachers who just don't seem to rate him particularly. His numeracy is middling but his literacy is slowish (poor spelling and handwriting) although the reading is slowly coming. We do work on it but it's is really hard work as he feels (as do I) demoralised about it, it all seems so uphill.
He never gets rewards or stickers. I just feel really down that next year he might have another teacher who doesn't really connect/encourage him... I do feel as if it's all been up to me;

Would love to know if anyone feels similar!

ipanemagirl Wed 09-Jul-08 12:45:18

Also, he does loads of activities outside school where he thrives (gets more encouragement too!) so it's not that he doesn't have strengths. I just feel the teachers he's had really only make a big effort for the top group, the gifted kids, the real strugglers and the angels. Everyone else just has to muddle through kind of being ignored!

bigTillyMint Wed 09-Jul-08 14:34:01

How old is he?

lexcat Wed 09-Jul-08 21:12:39

It happens to the bright kids too. DD very bright was well ahead of her peer group couldn't say that now, yes she still doing well but never gets rewards. Teacher always seems down hearted when talking about dd work. In turn dd makes no effort and can't wait to have a new teacher in september. I have also seen others in the class do really well but once they get in the top group they get forgotten about.
The average is the one who alwayes get the best deal or the real strugglers might be luckly enough to get extra help from a TA.

ipanemagirl Fri 11-Jul-08 13:20:40

Thanks for your thoughts, yeah, I suppose it must be inevitable that with such big classes and so much expected from teachers in terms of delivering a vast curriculum that simple things like inspiring individual children just go by the wayside!

I think ds's teacher does ok with the top group but certainly they are not inspired.

The ones she loves are the utterly angelic diligent girls, they are lavished with praise and attention!

But ds finally got an award yesterday for maths only after he'd told me he'd done really well, I'd asked if he'd got a little sticker or anything, he said no, and then I mentioned to the teacher (very tactfully...) the next day he got a merit award.

I think for his sake maybe i needed to be a much more odious, me me me parent over the last year! But I've always hated that kind of pushiness! What can you do?!?

Fingers crossed for next year!

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