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Need massive help navigating schools in Winchester - had an offer and don't know what to do!

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bloss Mon 07-Jul-08 11:59:31

Message withdrawn

SSSandy2 Mon 07-Jul-08 12:03:50

How stressful for you bloss. Call the two primary schools that were closest again or send a fax and follow up with a call. Maybe they do have a place free now after all?

I don't know how to read that report but it doesn't sound great and it is a considerable commute.

Shannaratiger Mon 07-Jul-08 12:37:15

Hi Bloss
Which school is it?

bloss Mon 07-Jul-08 13:05:29

Message withdrawn

Shannaratiger Mon 07-Jul-08 13:21:05

Thought it might be. 2 of my friends DC's go their.

One of my friend's DD is 5 year old says it's a really nice school. Her dd transfered their beginning of term and she settled in really quickly, and has made lots of friends.
Will ask my other friend to come on here with her opinion.

CountessDracula Mon 07-Jul-08 13:24:48

You do know that Stanmore is a big council estate don't you?

Not that I have anything against council estates at all
But you did say you knew nothing about the area.

Where will you be living?

Shannaratiger Mon 07-Jul-08 13:30:32

My friend is really busy but says that "academically they get good results". At any school especially on a council estate you get children from mixed type of backgrounds, but most of the teachers are good.

bloss Mon 07-Jul-08 13:47:46

Message withdrawn

unconvinced Mon 07-Jul-08 14:12:05

hi bloss, I have just been through exactly the same process as you, we are moving to Winchester this Aug.

I telephoned every school in the area of Winchester and found to my horror that all bar 1 had waiting lists.

I did visit Stanmore school and really liked the head teacher, I was very impressed that she knew all the children by name. I would have taken a place at Stanmore if I hadn't got both my children into another school.

Good luck with the move and finding schools.

Shannaratiger Wed 09-Jul-08 12:12:32

bloss I think one reason for lower outcome is lower starting levels in some children.

bloss Wed 09-Jul-08 12:35:34

Message withdrawn

fircone Wed 09-Jul-08 14:14:54


We were trying to move to Winchester when ds was in year 1, and gave up because no primary school had a place (except Stanmore!) .

The school tries hard, apparently, but it's intake is not - ahem - ^middle class^. Stanmore does, however, feed into King's Secondary School which is highly regarded - but I see that probably won't be bothering you as you are only staying two years.

The favoured schools are Western (v. pushy parents), St Faith's (in St Cross - a faith school if you happen to be a practising Christian), and St. Bede's. There is also St Peter's which is near Stanmore, and that's a Catholic school.

Another one which is not particularly popular is All Saints which, like Stanmore, serves a large council estate.

Sorry for sounding like a horrible snob, but I thought you'd like the information!

fircone Wed 09-Jul-08 14:20:16

I've just re-read your post, and the info about your dcs. Ds was (and is) quiet, a bit geeky, likes things like chess, hates football, is not at all boisterous, and we were advised that Stanmore would be the wrong place for him.

What about Oliver's Battery school? Is that within hailing distance of where you are going to be living? Compton school is supposedly very good, a couple of miles south of Winchester.

bloss Thu 10-Jul-08 03:13:03

Message withdrawn

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