Girls only allowed to do handstands and cartwheels on the field IF they wear shorts under their dress

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CrackerOfNuts Mon 12-May-08 10:13:16

Is it me, or is that just barmy.

Both dd's have come home moaning as they like to try and do cartwheels and handstands on the field at lunch time. The dinnerladies have now said that unless they take in shorts to wear under their dresses, then they aren't allowed to do it because the boys will see their knickers.

From what Dd1 said, the majority of the boys are not even on the field, they are in the playground playing footie, so can't even see the girls letalone their knickers.

Cappuccino Mon 12-May-08 10:14:17

no not barmy I don't think

dd1 wears shorts under her skirt for her physio sessions

she is seven and it was her idea

Threadwworm Mon 12-May-08 10:15:13

That is ridiculous. Did the dinnerladies make that rule up themselves or is it offical policy?

At DS2's school the list of things they can't do for fear of sustaining minor injuries is depressingly long but I've not heard of any modesty-protecting garbage like that.

hatwoman Mon 12-May-08 10:15:42

shock totally ridiculous. I would question this with the teachers.

(when I was at primary school I used to show the boys my knickers....blush)

wordgirl Mon 12-May-08 10:15:43

I think it's barmy too. Fair enough if they want to wear shorts but to say they have to is ridiculous

Enid Mon 12-May-08 10:16:31

I would be furious

there is nothing wrong with knickers

they have bottoms and fanjos in them - wow big whup

what happens if the boys should see their knickers? do they start to foam at the mouth?

CrackerOfNuts Mon 12-May-08 10:17:20

Apparently the order came from the head.

I am not against anyone wearing shorts under their dress if they want to, but why should they have to ?

Dd1 and 2 are not up in the air long enough for anyone to see their knickers anyway really LOL.

hatwoman Mon 12-May-08 10:17:34

totally agree Enid - it's adults imposing sexualisation on perfectly normal children's behaviour

Cappuccino Mon 12-May-08 10:17:49

they are just trying to be careful that's all

it is a bit ott but their hearts are in the right place

Fennel Mon 12-May-08 10:18:02

sounds ridiculous to me. They shouldn't have a uniform of dresses if they don't consider it suitable for girls to play actively in.

Though my 4yo dd3 does tend to wear shorts under dresses anyway, her choice, and my 8yo dd1 would happily do handstands naked in the school field, she's not very inhibited.

CrackerOfNuts Mon 12-May-08 10:18:15

I think if some of the girls were that bothered about the boys seeing their knickers, then they'd not be flashing them in the first place would they.

Dd1 and 2 obviously have no self respect wink

Cappuccino Mon 12-May-08 10:18:17

oh if it came from the head then it is barking

I thought it was the dinnerladies' friendly middle-aged concern

Threadwworm Mon 12-May-08 10:18:58

As mum of two DDs aged 9 and 12 I can confirm that they would be way more interested in the quality of the handstand/cartwheel than in the knickers. Though things might soon change for the 12yo I suppose.

Enid Mon 12-May-08 10:19:07



to teach girls that how they dress is ersponsible for boys behaviour is totally wrong and setting a very bad precednet

I would be fuming

Threadwworm Mon 12-May-08 10:19:14

DSs that should be, of course.

brimfull Mon 12-May-08 10:19:17

completely ridiculous

It' making the girls think they have to be embarrassed now.

Fennel Mon 12-May-08 10:19:27

It's not "just being careful", it's teaching little girls that they have to be restrained and covered up angry

Twiglett Mon 12-May-08 10:19:29

no, no no it isn't

it is sexualising, unsexual behaviour

it is putting the onus on the girls and saying that it is their fault boys / men see them as sexual beings

it is so wrong I'd be stomping in to see the head and asking him what the hell he thinks he's playing at


CrackerOfNuts Mon 12-May-08 10:19:30

No no, the head is a bit barking tbh, but she retires soon, so maybe things will change.

I have told both dd's to carry on as they were, and if they get into trouble for it then I will go in and speak to the head.

Threadwworm Mon 12-May-08 10:19:38

Exaxtle, enid.

Twiglett Mon 12-May-08 10:19:47

next step burkhas

how dare they angry

Threadwworm Mon 12-May-08 10:20:25

'exactly', that should be. Can't type todayblush

misdee Mon 12-May-08 10:22:52

dd2 is always flashing her knickers blush she has no shame at all lol.

dd1 is just as bad. she wa flashing hers on the bridge in the playground. they both love their bums though.

Cappuccino Mon 12-May-08 10:23:25

I have already retracted careful

the source makes all the difference

please all stop shouting at me

Twiglett Mon 12-May-08 10:24:54

cracker .. even if she's retiring right-thinking parents need to address this

I think it's a HUGE issue, wrapped up in a itty-bitty issue .. and if the dinner ladies buy into it being normal what other kind of messages are the girls receiving?

I'd be dealing with it .. honestly I would

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