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anyone know anything about terra nova school, cheshire?

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smallwhitecat Thu 08-May-08 20:09:09

Message withdrawn

Berries Thu 08-May-08 22:30:07

There are lots of v good ind schools locally, but most tend to feed into 11+ entry rather than CE. The only other one locally is the Rileys, but I'm not sure whether that feeds into Harrow or not.
aven't heard of any particular problems with erra Nova, & dd2 has been to a couple of day long sessions there (she goes to all girls school locally).
Just realised you've also got a dd which may make a difference (Tn is co-ed, ryleys isn't).

islandofsodor Thu 08-May-08 22:48:32

I know a few children who go there and one who is due to start on a scholarship next year. I also know kids at Kings, Rileys & Edenhurst (over the border in Staffs) & Beech Hall. My own two go to a different Staffordshire independent school.

Terra Nova is very "posh", too posh for me I wouldn;t feel comfortable but the girl I know who is starting is lovely and down to earth. Also the boy I know who goes there, lovely child, great family. Beckhams eldest went there before they moved to Spain!!!!!!

If I was in Cheshire I would probably go for Kings or Beech Hall. Rileys is very posh but the staff I have met there through work are very nice.

Berries Thu 08-May-08 23:02:16

(whispers) can give you more info about Kings if you're interested, but not sure how much it feeds into common entrance, which is what I thought you were looking for.

IoS, dd2 has just turned down Withington & Manchester High to go to Kings (crosses fingers)

islandofsodor Thu 08-May-08 23:19:47

I help to run a children'a activity in Macc and all the parents of kids that go to Kings seem very happy with the school. I'm sure your dd2 will do very well there.

MerlinsBeard Thu 08-May-08 23:22:22

DP often works at Kings in Macc if you wanted to know anything specific i could ask him

Barb85 Fri 03-Jun-11 18:25:37

I would not say that Terra Nova was too posh, but it is definately one of the best Prep Schools in the area. We moved to Cheshire 2 years ago and my children go there. They have grown enourmously in confidence and in their ability in all areas. You need to go along and see for yourself.

CLM24680 Mon 12-Sep-11 12:29:00

Probably too late for you, but both my children have been to TN, one is still there. For Common entrance TN is the place. King's won't prepare them for that or the Riley's either now I believe. TN fine on the Common entrance prep front recently had a couple of Winchester Scholarships and entrance to the other Public schools seems appropriately targetted. They don't have many Eton/Harrow entrants but do have some, but this has to be down to location rather than anything else. Great prep school, but does have its frustrations like all others, but certainly not too posh, with the normal range of prep school parents there. Doesn't have the pushy feel that some prep schools have. one of mine left at 11+ and the other going to public school at 13+ from TN. TN prepared both well for the next stage.

32Janey32 Tue 01-Nov-11 12:16:50

We are thinking of TN and was pleased to come across this thread! but there seems to be mixed views - it is hard to make the right choice! before i go and look round, just wondering what proportion of mums at TN would you say are working mums?

lovingthecoast Tue 01-Nov-11 12:49:23

We looked at TN when we first moved from Surrey to Wilmslow. I discounted it mainly because it did come across as a feeder prep for public school which was not what I wanted. If that is what you are looking for then I think it's the only one that preps for CE apart from The Ryleys which although now co-ed doesn't have the greatest academic reputation. Though this may have changed in the last year or so.

We no longer live in Cheshire but my kids went to what I considered an excellent day school. There really is a great choice of fantastic day schools up there. We are now back down south and there is nowhere near the same amount of choice, all at such a good standard. I didn't realised how lucky we were with schools until we moved down here and didn't have the same level of choice.

32Janey32 Tue 01-Nov-11 13:32:49

that is really useful, thanks. Which school did your kids go to in the end?

lovingthecoast Tue 01-Nov-11 14:21:58

I couldn't comment on the working mums thing as we didn't choose it but there was certainly an air of public school prep about it. If you want your kids to do CE and go on to board then that's definitely the school to choose. If you don't then the choice of day schools and preps which go to 11 and feed into those day schools is huge.

My children went to the large 4-18 school in Cheadle Hulme with the green uniform but both Stockport Grammar and Kings are offering something similar. Depending upon where you live, there is also The Grange School which I think is near Northwich and always had a good reputation. Then there is always the very academic preps such as Ladybarn and the one in Macc (can't remember what it's called) which make no bones about prepping for the highly academic, single sex secondaries such as MGS, MHSG and Withington. It really depends what you're looking for. I have 2 boys and 2 girls and wanted a co-ed, academic day school that went to 18 and the school we chose fitted the bill. It's one of the things I desperately miss about living up there. They are in a good school down here and are happy but to me, it's not a patch on their old school. Oh well, at least we have the sea! grin

32Janey32 Tue 01-Nov-11 14:41:18

Thanks! Cheadle may be a little too far out for us, but I do continually hear good things about it. You are very lucky to have the sea. We used to live in Hampshire and we loved going to the sea at weekends - really miss that up here! Dont worry re my question re working mums - just trying to gauge the parent demographics of TN vs. Kings, vs AESG etc. I am a working mum! Thanks again!

lovingthecoast Tue 01-Nov-11 15:01:06

I think all 3 of those schools are very different. Do a search on here for AESG as I think some parents are more happy with it than others. Kings is obviously co-ed until 11 then single sex from 11-16 so offers something different and many parents chose it for this reason. For me it was a real negative as I quite firmly wanted co-ed.

I loved CHS the first time we visited and just knew it was right for DS1 and DD1 and they had both begun to thrive there. It makes me sad that DD2 and DS2 will miss out on that. Parents do travel quite far to get there too and I remember we had parents from Knutsford and Mobberley.

But yes, you need to take the school commute into account. And yes, it is lovely to be next to the coast esp at this time of year when it's not too cold but too cold for day trippers. grin

Ceebeejay Sun 06-Nov-11 22:06:34

Has anyone any experience of sending a child to TN at 11? It is one of our options prior to boarding at Sedbergh at 13. Just wondered if it would be difficult for the child to settle at that age? smile

terranovaschool Thu 28-Apr-16 12:25:43

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