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Why are 100% cotton summer school dresses impossible to find?

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lexcat Sun 06-Apr-08 20:24:11

Seem so unfair to our dd's to be putting them in ployester when it gets hot.
Have tried to get cotton for the last 2years with out paying silly money and now my sister has discovered the school dresses are not cottton and was very shocked. Neice feels the heat and my sister never put her in anything that is not cotton in the summer.
Is it just me or is their a market for cotton school dresses.

gigglewitch Sun 06-Apr-08 20:31:52

would it sound soooo cheesy to say get a simple pattern and get sewing?
I haven't met this yet - am shock. I get cotton shirts for the boys, and I honestly did think that the girls dresses were cotton. I'll be in the same boat as you in a couple of years, DD has lots of eczema and I dress her in cotton stuff from the minute the sun comes out (and I know the classroom turns into a greenhouse)
Start a mumsnet Campaign???? grin

emkana Sun 06-Apr-08 20:39:15

John Lewis has a pure cotton summer dress.

pooka Sun 06-Apr-08 20:41:19

Alas not in green
I have had a fair amount of hassle trying to get pure cotton, so have compromised with an 80/20 mix for dd.

bookkeeper Sun 06-Apr-08 20:43:20

Lots on ebay like this one

TheHonEnid Sun 06-Apr-08 20:44:37

because they would shrink and be a nightmare to iron

polyester all the way here (and the girls love them, and dd2 gets excema and it doesnt seem to aggravate it)

btw ASDA are doing a lovely one this year with a tie belt - only 3.50 - result!

bookkeeper Sun 06-Apr-08 20:44:39

Here you go pooka

pooka Sun 06-Apr-08 20:48:40

Thanks bookkeeper - jsut saw that but.... dd is nearly 5 (and fairly small) and they only have age 7. Will keep checking back there though. It's very pretty.

TheHonEnid Sun 06-Apr-08 20:51:53

it doesnt get THAT hot here

honestly a million other mothers and children can't be wrong

popsycal Sun 06-Apr-08 20:53:19

dont asda do 100% cotton now

bookkeeper Sun 06-Apr-08 20:54:49


pooka Sun 06-Apr-08 20:55:37

But I like the feel of cotton [whines]
Fair enough - dd couldn't care less and doesn't have eczema (and I've bought a couple in Sainsbury's which were 2 for a fiver shock
But I can see that it is frustrating if you want something that is cotton but it isn't out there.

pooka Sun 06-Apr-08 20:56:33

Golly, green isn't that unusual a school uniform colour, is it?

bookkeeper Sun 06-Apr-08 20:56:42

Since dd2 has started school, her eczema has flared up just where her arm touches the inside of her (polycotton) sweatshirt. I'll try her in dd1's dresses but wouldn't be surprised if she can't wear them. Hope she is one of the million who could - would be much easier!

aefondkiss Sun 06-Apr-08 20:57:54

they have this in green

pooka Sun 06-Apr-08 21:00:13

Excellent aefondkiss! Thanks for that.

lexcat Mon 07-Apr-08 07:50:19

Thanks bookkeeper just what I was thinking a nice cotton dress with out the very high price tag. Will also hand that info on to my sister.

lexcat Mon 07-Apr-08 08:09:35

Just about send a link for my sister when I realised that the bhs dress is only in blue and red, she needs green but thanks all the same.

alibubbles Mon 07-Apr-08 08:47:00

Here is a green summer dress

I can remember trying to search everywhere when my DD was young, especially for cotton cardigans, which do seem easier to get these days.

My mother use to make DD wonderful summer dresses for school and smocked ones, pinafores etc - those were the days!

alibubbles Mon 07-Apr-08 08:47:54

oops, already mentionned!

lexcat Mon 07-Apr-08 09:10:31

Thanks but the price tag is a bit on the steep side.

idlingabout Mon 07-Apr-08 09:10:56

What an incredibly useful thread! I tried this search last year and the only 100% cotton dresses were £17+. Unfortunately, John Lewis' dress is only in blue for some ridiculous reason but the Bhs one comes in red so I have ordered 2. Thanks bookkeeper.

I had to buy mixed fibre dresses the first time around and dd would get very clammy and sweaty wearing them. I eventually found a cotton dress and she was so much more comfortable in it. I had bought it from Cotton Comfort;it was £17 and the hem came down within a few days so I was reluctant to buy from there again. Let's see how Bhs's dress performs.

idlingabout Mon 21-Apr-08 16:35:51

Word of warning for everyone - I ordered the BHS dresses 2 weeks ago and they have yet to arrive despite being dispatched 9th April. BHS use DHL who have proved to be totally incompetent as have the people at BHS customer services. DHL have deemed my address ''inadequate'' ! Strange that everyone else manages to deliver here hmm

pragmanic Sun 22-Nov-15 11:02:29

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

AndNowItsSeven Sun 22-Nov-15 11:05:53

It's December pragmatic, nobody needs a summer dress.

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