The Priory CofE vs Bishop Gilpin, SW19

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Cheeseycheese Mon 10-Mar-08 21:35:20

Hi there everyone. Is there anyone out there that could give me some information on these 2 schools? I have already read the Ofsted reports, Bishop Gilpin is excellent, Priory is good. The locals say that Priory is 'the one to watch' as it is improving rapidly. I am very interested in learning what parents whose children actually attend the schools think. Thank you so much.

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Cheeseycheese Wed 12-Mar-08 19:32:02

bump (please?)

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Cheeseycheese Fri 21-Mar-08 19:07:28


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Mungarra Sun 23-Mar-08 18:36:54

My son used to attend Bishop Gilpin when he was at nursery. We have moved house and he goes to a different school now. Unless you live close to BG, you'll need to attend one of four Wimbledon Team churches to get into the school. Half of the places are church places.

Bishop Gilpin is a very good school. I have a friend, whose son is in reception, and she said that they go straight into the learning and not so much playing. The parents have high expectations of their children. It's up to you whether you think that's good or not. My friend feels they should be doing more playing at that age. Some people may feel uncomfortable at how affluent/posh most of the parents are (I didn't). I've also heard some parents say that the school is good for the brightest pupils and the special needs one, but the average kids are just left to drift a bit.

I know a few people, whose children are in reception at The Priory. It is improving mostly because the local parents are now willing to send their kids there. Personally, we didn't want our children there as we felt the standards weren't good enough and the Headteacher just went on about art and music. What about kids who are interested in science or maths?

Cheeseycheese Sun 23-Mar-08 20:32:28

Mungarra, thank you so much for your reply. What made you think that the standards at the Priory weren't good enough? And when the headteacher went on about music and arts, was that recently? Thanks again.

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Mungarra Mon 24-Mar-08 09:33:36

At the time, The Priory's results were below the national average. The BBC education website has league tables. I think the Priory's are now a bit above average. BG is the top of the borough.

I think the headteacher is the same one.

I think the schools are quite different even though they both obviously follow the National Curriculum. BG gets quite a lot of children into the grammar secondary schools and good private secondary schools (though there is a lot of extra tutoring going on). If this is important to you then I'd go for BG.

The headteacher of The Priory believes that league tables just show the socio/economic status of the kids (she's probably right) and isn't much into testing. I remember her saying how great it was that someone was going to one of the not very good local comprehensives. I'm afraid that put me off.

I know parents at The Priory who are very happy with it. However, a lot of the kids are there because they didn't get into Holy Trinity on Effra Road.

BG is very hard to get into at reception level. It gets easier at later ages as a lot of kids leave at 7 to go to prep school.

Have you been to the open days yet? At the Priory, they have regular open mornings where you get shown around by the headteacher.

Cheeseycheese Mon 24-Mar-08 10:21:59

Mungarra, thank you so much for taking the time to reply, you're being very helpful. I wonder if things have changed at Priory now that the Headteacher has changed. The new one comes from Dundonald, which is a very successful school. I haven't been to an open day yet but I will. I just really want to be armed with information so that I can ask the right questions. Thanks again.

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Midaduarte Fri 17-Nov-17 17:48:58

I am moving to Wimbledon. Which primary schools shall I choose? How is Hollymount school, bishop gilpin, and the Priory Cofe school? What about Dandonald and St. MATHEW Cofe? Please I need some opinions...

Monkey2333 Fri 17-Nov-17 18:01:55

Midaduarte, it depends where you live! Bishop Gilpin is in Wimbledon and is a faith school (50%), whereas Hollymount & St Mathews (also faith) are in Raynes Park. Go to Merton Admissions online and find out your nearest schools, likely catchment distance and any faith requirements. It will also give info on how to apply, when etc.

Midaduarte Fri 17-Nov-17 18:23:47

Hi. I am moving to Edge Hill. I heard all the acho are overscribed.... We were living in Cornwall and my son was attending a Christian school, and however we wouldn't go to the church. So u think there is chance to get a place in any of the schools? DO u live in Raynes Park?

Midaduarte Fri 17-Nov-17 18:25:35

I am quite concerned they send us, but because it is a transference, to somewhere far and not good at all.. Heard about Benedicts in Mitcham...

Midaduarte Fri 17-Nov-17 18:26:09

Thank u Monkey 2333

Monkey2333 Fri 17-Nov-17 21:19:29

You should contact Merton Admissions for proper advice on the process I assume this is an in year transfer rather than a reception place. You should check but from Edge Hill the nearest schools would be Wimbledon Chase, Dundonald, Hollymount, Joseph Hood but you would only be offered where there is an available space. Most schools in Wimbledon and Raynes Park are over subscribed but if you are transferring in year the situation may be different. All the best!

Ashers40 Fri 17-Nov-17 23:00:21

Midaduerte, how old are your DC's? Lots of schools have vacancies higher up the school. Bishop Gilpin would be harder to get into. The Priory have lots of spaces generally in key stage 2.

Midaduarte Sat 18-Nov-17 03:13:46

Ashers40,he is 5 years old. We might struggle a bit as we don't know if, even being a case of transference, we will get a place for him.Schools are oversubscribed. Is the Priory Cofe a good primary school? Do u know anyone there? Is the community inclusive?

Midaduarte Sat 18-Nov-17 03:15:45

Monkey2333 thank you for the link and all the information. Thanks a million

Monkey2333 Sat 18-Nov-17 23:45:03

In my opinion, most schools in SW19 & SW20 are good smile

Midaduarte Sat 25-Nov-17 09:39:47

Ashees40 and Monkey2333 my son has been allocated St Josephs Hood primary school. I haven't chosen it but the ones I have chosen were overscribed ( hollymount, Wimbledon chase and bishop Gilpin)... How is this school?

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