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Extra time on SAT (KS2) for dyspraxic child?

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Lauracorin Sun 24-Feb-08 16:04:48

Does anyone have experience of this? I really don't want to debate whether extra time should be given or not, just to hear if anyone's child has been given it.

How much extra? More on English than on maths? How about the mental maths paper?



popsycal Sun 24-Feb-08 16:17:41

I know quite a bit about this - do you have a child with dyspraxia?

cornsilk Sun 24-Feb-08 16:19:52

popsycal can I ask a question too when you've advised Lauracorin? Similar issue.

cat64 Sun 24-Feb-08 16:20:39

Message withdrawn

popsycal Sun 24-Feb-08 16:21:14

of course - fire away

just to say though - it is very tricy to get extra time these days
has to be applied for officially well in advance and is difficult to get
if it is given, it is usually 25% extra time

popsycal Sun 24-Feb-08 16:21:46

cat64 - was just about to say this. I knew the deadline was coming up in the next few weeks

smartiejake Sun 24-Feb-08 16:25:23

A dyspraxic child should be allowed extra time.

I work with deaf kids (who are slower to process like dyspraxics) and they are allowed 25% extra for all of the papers and double time for the mental maths which is read out rather than from a tape. Not sure if the child has to be statemented (as mine all are. There is a guidance book that your SENCO should have which states all of the extra times allowed and what for. Tried to find you a link but couldn't track it down.

If your dc has difficulties with processing he/ she could also have a reader and a scribe (but not a reader for the reading test.)

popsycal Sun 24-Feb-08 16:27:04

It is extremely difficulyt in maistream to get it though. There has to be detasiled IEP information to back up the need for extra time/ameneunsis (spelling - sorry). they have really tightened up on this in the last few years.

LIZS Sun 24-Feb-08 16:27:25

Wwe've psitentialy got same issue with Common Entrance / 11 or 13+ for ds (ours don't do KS2). School had agreed to extra time in internal tests , but somehow didn't give it this time hmm. His mental maths this time was a prerecorded tape with certain time to answer so not sure how extra time might work. I suppose it proves what he could do in the time though.

Have been told we'd probably need it in writing from a Paed or Ed Psychologist for external tests.

Lauracorin Sun 24-Feb-08 16:30:14

Yes, my son has dyspraxia - well documented with first evaluation by an occupational therapist at age five.

Thanks for the replies - I have an idea what to look into now.


popsycal Sun 24-Feb-08 16:32:04

laura - you must ring school straight away as if they have not started to fill in the forms, they may not be intending to - and as has been said, the deadline is imminent.


Blandmum Sun 24-Feb-08 16:34:40

You can get extra time, but it can be time consuming (no pun intended), so you need to start asap.

We have got scribes and readers for children at KS3, but this tends to be for children at the more severe end of the scale, mostly those with a statement or on SA+

Lauracorin Sun 24-Feb-08 16:35:06



cece Sun 24-Feb-08 16:36:20

From what I can remember it is usually 15 mins per paper. However, the deadline for applying for extra time was soemtime in Feb iirc so you will need to act quickly if you haven't already missed the deadline.

Madlentileater Sun 24-Feb-08 17:16:06

Hi- just to add that DS2 who has a statement (dyspraxia) got extra time and a scribe parent's evening I asked about maths, as his maths work is illegible, they hadn't thought about that as his teacher 9after 2 yrs poor thing) was able to read it- he offered to transcribe the written work after the test. Which he must have done, as he got a 4. (also 4 for english, 5 for science, to my great relief)- this was for Y6 Sats, can't advise on when to apply though, sorry. Good luck!

cornsilk Sun 24-Feb-08 17:17:29

popsycal - I want to find out what kind of arrangements can be made for my ds who is in Y5 if he decides he wants to sit 11+ and entrance exam for grammar school next year. He has specific literacy difficulties and the school's dyslexia teacher said a few months ago that his main difficulty was that his reading speed is very slow, which suggests slow processing skills to me. He is bright - GCA 97th centile - which is why I am wanting him to get in to the grammar. I think the school will think I'm mad to even consider it though.

andlittlelambmakesfour Sun 24-Feb-08 17:37:58

If a child has a statement they are automatically allowed extra time which is 25% extra. Others have to meet very specific criteria, I think they have to have 3 out of the list regarding reading age on two different tests, speed of reading etc. Here is the relevant document for this year.

LIZS Sun 24-Feb-08 17:55:37

That's really interesting . Can now see why ds' laboured writing does n't quite give the same degree of cause for concern to OT as it does to us and school.

ladyinhiding Mon 09-Sep-13 21:52:20

Gosh I wish I'd read this months ago! My son is dyspraxic, as far as I was aware he was officially diagnosed as he'd been put on the Fizzy progamme in year 3 and is SA - he gets 15 minutes a week extra help with handwriting. Then in March this year I found out by chance when discussing the 11+ that he was not actually officially diagnosed and would need to go through my GP to be referred - very cross that no one said anything until it was too late! He went on the waiting list to see the specialist and was finally seen in July - 10 days before the school hols and yes no doubt about it he is dyspraxic and the Dr wants him to see OT before it is made official. Meantime I have had a letter from said Dr outlining what he has found and stating that he suffers with pain when writing for a while. He has been having tutoring for the 11+, tutor says he is very bright and able but slow. With the mocks tests he sat with her in August he failed all 3, 3 questions in maths, 4 in reasoning and 7 in english in every case he did not finish but the ones he did were mostly correct - she said he'd got to around 10 questions away when time was called. I am so upset to find out now that had he been statemented or was sa+ he could have had extra time :-(. It's too late now as he sits it on Wednesday and Thursday. He desperately wants to go to grammar school as it is a science specialist school and he completely adores science. We expected him to fail the english tbh but hoped he'd get enough on the other subjects to give him a good aggregate score. The school have said they will appeal (I assume they mean if he only fails by a bit) as they feel that the grammar school is the right place for him. Will they take any dyspraxia findings into account after he has sat the exams does anyone know?

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