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Forest School Timperley

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pleasechange Fri 25-Jan-08 13:13:17

Does anyone have any experience or opinions of this school? Currently looking at schools in the area but don't know anyone with children at this one

ladette Sat 26-Jan-08 00:21:23

bumping for you. Live in the area but don't know that particular school because my DCs at state schools.

Berries Sun 27-Jan-08 21:55:05

dd hates them because they (Forest) always thrash them at netball grin Can't give you any unbiased opinion though as slightly out of area.

Suggest you look at leavers destinations as that could influence your decision (are you looking for Alty G or ind at secondary?)

ham5267 Wed 05-Mar-08 13:57:01

If you are still looking at rgis school I have currently 2 children there - 1 age 6 years and 1 age 11 years.
All I can say is it is not as acedemic as it used to be - so don't bother if you're looking for that but it is a friendly and nurturing school. It's been through alot of changes over the last few years and most of the staff are now new and quite young! The kids are generally happy. If you have a very good primary school in your area though it would probably now have the same kind of results for the 11+ and entrance exams. It doesn't hot house them anymore for the private sector. Might want to look at altrincham or bowdon prep if you want a very high acedemic output. Hope this helps.

pleasechange Wed 05-Mar-08 14:30:08

Thanks ham that's really useful (so difficult to get 'inside opinions' and there's only so much you can pick up on a visit!)

peggy25 Sun 21-Mar-10 21:25:06

Although the message for this post is really outdated I feel I need to speak out in support of this fabulous school for any other prospective parents in the future. I have children at Forest Prep School, as it is now called and cannot sing its praises highly enough. The children get a superb education from staff who are all really approachable. My kids have made fantastic progress and the exam results are always excellent. Most leavers get places at independent secondary schools and local grammar schools. The thing that pleases me most is that my children and their friends are happy and can't wait to get there in a morning, the fact that they are getting a great education as well is the icing on the cake!If you are looking for a school in the Altrincham area you couldn't go wrong with Forest.

Malpy Thu 13-Oct-11 21:29:47

Sounds like you've been lucky with your experience! We have not. Thankfully the league tables exist, and despite numerous shake-ups in senior staff the place lingers 90 below its nearest competitor Bancroft. With no 11+ for those already in the prep school it is hard to know what "real" achievements have been made. Lets be fair, it is in their interest to keep the cash rolling in!

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