What size VIOLIN for a five year old?

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QuintessentialShadowOfSnowball Tue 18-Dec-07 11:24:11

I have just received a letter saying my son (year 1) will be starting his violin lessons in January, and will have to bring his own instrument (great...). What size do you think he needs?

QuintessentialShadowOfSnowball Tue 18-Dec-07 11:25:07

Oh, and before somebody starts mentioning pushy mum, and all that, he has been begging to start violin lessons... Me, I am not so sure, I hope he is not too young for this...

tortoiseSHELL Tue 18-Dec-07 11:30:54

How tall is he? Ds1 started at 5, and he had a 1/8 size, this term (age 6) he has been borrowing a 1/4 size, and I am about to go and buy him a 1/2 size which my mum is getting him for Christmas - he won't be ready for it for a while, but then it should last a while. He is a small 6 year old though, so if your ds is very tall you might get away with a 1/4 size to start on.

What is his hand size like? I would take him along to a violin shop and get him to try some out.

snorkle Tue 18-Dec-07 11:33:36

This site has size-arm length and size-age recommendations.

AMumInScotland Tue 18-Dec-07 12:14:44

It's all to do with the length of their arm so they can hold it in the right position - not having to stretch to reach the end, but not having their arm bent too much when playing further down.

Unless it's a real problem, I'd definitely recommend taking him to a reputable shop to try them out - the staff will be used to helping new players and can sort out the best one for him.

If you are lucky, you may also find a shop that sells used student instruments, and could then give you a part-exchange when he moves up to the next size. That can help keep the cost down, as he may go through sizes quite fast while he's growing.

QuintessentialShadowOfSnowball Tue 18-Dec-07 15:14:37

Thanks. I have found a local music shop, they will measure him, then they can order in a violin, he can rent it for £8 per month. smile

RosaLuxMundi Tue 18-Dec-07 19:38:49

DD3 is five and uses a 1/4 size violin.
But she went along to the first lessons sans instrument and the teacher measured her. Our lovely local music shop is great though and would always have exchanged if we had made a mistake.

QuintessentialShadowOfSnowball Tue 18-Dec-07 23:03:40

We will go to the music shop tomorrow after school, he is really excited.
Did your dd already know how to read music when she started? My son doesnt, I can, but not sure I am any good to teach him. Surely he will learn during lessons?

The school is now also offering Recorder as Lunch club on fridays, and he is keen to join that too.

kid Tue 18-Dec-07 23:09:52

DD is almost 9 and uses 1/4
Her school loan it to her for free though, we are very lucky smile

GrimmaTheNome Tue 18-Dec-07 23:11:11

Yes, music lessons are where they learn to read music smile.

How lovely to have such enthusiasm!

kid Tue 18-Dec-07 23:14:04

DD also does recorder. I think its great for them to at least try to play instruments. Shame you have to buy the instrument as they could quickly change their mind. Renting is a good idea though.

QuintessentialShadowOfSnowball Tue 18-Dec-07 23:14:27

I spoke to the music shop today, and the man said he reckon my son will need 1/8.

I asked my son today why exactly it is violin, and he said it is because it makes such a beautiful sound. I thought he had forgotten begging for violin lessons at the end of Reception, but he was over the moon when we told him the letter came for him!

jura Tue 18-Dec-07 23:19:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QuintessentialShadowOfSnowball Tue 18-Dec-07 23:30:06

Lol Jura, interesting choice!

Get yourself over to the SW meet up thread!

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