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Lyonsdown School New Barnet - Any experiences?

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Twix29 Wed 21-Nov-07 23:47:29

I have been offered a place at Lyonsdown but cannot find enough information on the academic results of the school - please help

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localmum Wed 21-Nov-07 23:55:58

Lovely school. Mixed ability intake, gets the best out of every child. You can ask the head for the academic results.

localmum Wed 21-Nov-07 23:57:25

Actually - you are really lucky there is a your dd reception age?

Twix29 Thu 22-Nov-07 00:31:32

Place given for my son - he's only 7mths so entry in 2011 & they said dd should be elevated on waiting list for next year as sibling link.

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Twix29 Thu 22-Nov-07 00:34:59

Been searching all night for schools - only just decided to go through private route. Vita et Pax looks fab, st Albans girls & lochinver for boys - all assessment based though so thought Lyonsdown would be good alternative if they were not offered a place. Ofsted report doesn't look good for Lyonsdown though. DD is currently in Norfolk Lodge but i'm not convinced with their academic results either

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localmum Thu 22-Nov-07 09:27:49

Is the OFSTED report up to date? The head is quite new I think? AFAI remember the negative points in the report were more to do with the building? I haven't read the most recent one. I have been impressed so far.
if you haven't been to visit, go and take a look and meet the head.

Twix29 Thu 22-Nov-07 19:58:56

Am sure report was fairly recent - will check. Am arranging to see the school .... thanks for the info

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s3lena Tue 01-Aug-17 11:46:55

My daughter is currently at the school and we are looking to move her asap.

There has been a steady stream on children leaving the school especially once they go into Upper School.

The standard of teaching is very poor and there is no discipline in the class. ALL parents have now turned to tutors to give their children any chance of being successful in the 11+ entrance exams. The school has an impressive selection of schools that the girls go on to after Lysondown but to be clear this is not because of what they learn at school, this is due to the time, effort and cost that goes into tutor sessions.

Having spoken to mums from the more senior years, they have confirmed the views that the school does not help the children with exam preparation or with any issues that come up during school.

Bullying continues to be an issue at the school and a noted lack of action taken to address this.

Only the more boisterous children get any attention, so if your child is on the quieter side they will get overlooked in all school matters, whether parts in assembly, school plays, positions of responsibility etc.

I know this is very different to some of the views out there but my review is based on personal experience and the views of several of the parents who already have their children at the school. I wish someone had been this honest with me when I was deciding on a school as if they had I would NOT have chosen this school for my daughter.

LondonMum2000 Sat 02-Sep-17 12:08:18

I'm afraid this comment doesn't reflect my experience of the school at all. Based on my own child, it seems to me that pupils at Lyonsdown are happy and enjoy their learning. The references to bullying seem unfounded, and what school doesn't have bullying of some kind? In my view, Lyonsdown cope with this as any good school would do according to their policy. The mention of tutoring: welcome to the independent school sector!! The fact that children have to sit exams to get into competitive secondary schools means that many parents resort to tutoring, whether their children really need it or not, sometimes just to boost their confidence before exams. I'm really happy with Lyonsdown and we're looking forward to the new term.

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