Needs suggestions for maths resources to do at home - websites, books, software, etc.

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LunarScream Tue 20-Nov-07 14:28:46

ds1 is in y1, and maths is his strongest subject - he knows his tables, can add 3 digit numbers in his head, etc. Which is great, but at school his teacher openly admits that quite a few of the kids in the class can't yet count to twenty, and every time she introduces a new subject ds1 can do it already so he's not really learning much there.

He actually really enjoys playing around with numbers, and I don't want him put off at this stage, or just left to cruise forever, so he's doing out of school maths at Explore Learning too in an attempt to keep him interested. They've rated him as working at approx yr 3 level (he's doing things like simple probability there at the moment).

So ideally what are good resources for this sort of standard which we could do at home?

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ElenyaTuesday Tue 20-Nov-07 14:37:37

My boys love this website:

Rainforest Maths

LunarSea Wed 21-Nov-07 19:36:00

Excellent - that's exactly the type of thing I was looking for.

Sassafrass Wed 21-Nov-07 21:42:33

This site has an extensive list of resources. I use them quite a lot myself with the class I am teaching.

Feenie Wed 21-Nov-07 21:48:07

I use with my Year 2s, and has games linked to every Maths topic. It provides links to KS1 and 2 games, so would really suit your ds's ability.

clutteredup Wed 21-Nov-07 21:52:07

Have you asked about what the school are doing to support your DS? Its not really sufficient for them to say he finds it all too easy, if he was struggling desperately you wouldn't be satisfied if they said, 'well all the other children can count to 100 so he just can't keep up.' Even if they don't have a giften and talented programme they should be making some provision under their special needs, try asking to speak to their SEN coordinator.

kid Wed 21-Nov-07 21:58:52

I wasn't even looking for any links, but those ones are great. Just added them to my favourites for future use.


mumyagain37 Wed 21-Nov-07 22:03:47

Hi there, I bought Penguin and Bear big Maths Adventure on CD rom for dd aged 6/7 - she loved it and won an award for most improved in maths that year.

Mistymoo Wed 21-Nov-07 22:06:57

we were recommended this for our son he loves trying to beat his scores and ours grin

LunarSea Fri 23-Nov-07 18:09:38

clutteredup - they don't seem that bothered that he's not actually learning anything at school, and as we're having trouble trying to get them to ever change his reading books too (see my other thread) I'm really going to make myself unpopular if I have to start making a fuss about this too.

MarketingEmileEducation Tue 29-May-18 16:17:14

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