Help please! Co-Ed prep schools in Kingston area

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Ginuwine Fri 02-Apr-21 15:47:20

Apologies if this has been done recently I did check -

We're due to be moving to Kingston - the south side, just south of the river near Kingston University and Grove Lane.

We have two DDs, and both of us are keen to keep it co-ed if possible with prep schools.

I know about Holy Cross and Surbiton High Prep, but again they're both single sex. We really would love co-ed if possible.

Does anyone have recommendations please as to the best co-ed prep schools? Both of us work from home and don't mind a short drive in the morning, so happy to look at neighbouring or near areas like Hampton, Surbiton, Twickenham, Richmond etc

Thank you so much in advance - was totally orientated around the Guildford schools but that's all changed now!

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Skatingpark97 Fri 02-Apr-21 17:32:57

Either look towards lots of choice in Wimbledon or The Study in New Malden. If you want a school run look at Weston Green in Thames Ditton, Claremont Fan court in Esher, Milbourne Lodge in Claygate, Danes Hill in Oxshott, Hampton Court House in Hampton Court. Plus Park Hill prep in Kingston.

Skatingpark97 Fri 02-Apr-21 17:34:58

I would think twice about Richmond or Twickenham due to the drive and not having local friends. The options would be Newland House or Twickenham Prep. The traffic is very bad around Hampton Court Bridge.

Lockdowndramaqueen Sat 03-Apr-21 22:01:24

Many of the local state schools are amazing - all co-Ed.

toadstool32 Sun 04-Apr-21 20:35:59

Claremont fan court, esher goes through to 18 otherwise Weston green but only to 11.

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