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NutritionMummy Fri 02-Apr-21 01:07:17

DD1 who is 7 has offers at both. We are not British but will likely stay here long term. Which school offers a stronger sibling policy, and sen support (if needed, mild)? We would have a bias for DD1 and DD2 to go to college in the US, but not necessary of course. Commute is easy to both schools.

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BuffyFanForever Wed 07-Apr-21 06:14:56

ASL has much better facilities and a strong ex pat American community, many events etc in non Covid times. SHHS is very ‘academic’ but also pressured and pushy so would not fit all girls.

NutritionMummy Fri 09-Apr-21 13:14:23

Thanks @BuffyFanForever
How would you compare the exit to US universities for the two schools? Many thanks for your help.

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user1477249785 Wed 28-Apr-21 13:32:55

I have some experience of this. Both are great schools but very different. Depends what you are looking for. ASL have been excellent with our daughter who has some mild additional needs.

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