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Dondons1972 Mon 05-Apr-21 15:26:42

Moving to longham! Have I made a mistake?
Hi all. New to here and need advise please? It had always been my dream to return to the lifestyle I had when I was a child. We had horses and lived semi rural.
Have now decided to sell up my beautiful big home in Essex and have fallen in love with a bungalow in the village of longham. Hey presto we are on the move. Only thing is I am having second thoughts! Can someone tell me what it’s really like to live there? I do drive. I will be leaving my grandchildren 2 hours away and will be bringing them to stay monthly. It looks beautiful but I’m hearing horror stories of Norfolk rural villages. Can anyone offer any advice that’s honest as poss please? Thanks in advance!

NorfolkMove Wed 17-Mar-21 07:19:02

Yesterday 22:31 NorfolkMove

Hi everyone,

I am looking to move to Norfolk and looking at Hethersett, Cringleford and Wymondham (preferred) for commute to Central London once or twice a week.

We are a mixed race couple, have a child so wanted to know:
-How life would be for us as a diverse couple and child
-The diversity and inclusively in local outstanding schools and the community
-Outstanding non religious schools that you could recommend
-Good rental areas around here and areas/schools to stay away from

Open to other suggestions on location with proximity to a station and an outstanding primary’s school.

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