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user149799568 Sat 06-Mar-21 20:04:08

Hi OP, sorry to hear about your your situation.

If you don’t yet have a state school place, contact your LA to get on some waiting lists.

If your DS goes to a private nursery, ask the head if they have any suggestions. They should be able to call around to see if any of their familiar schools have places or would put you on a waiting list.

If you are in Hampstead, did you apply to Lyndhurst or Heathside? They’ve both had openings in Reception in recent years.

You might get more helpful responses if you could give a few more details of your location or the schools you already applied to.

Good luck.

underneaththeash Sat 06-Mar-21 18:04:57

Devonshire House?
Or one of the pre-preps that finish at 7 - like Hampstead Hill or Mulberry House.
They all usually have places.

If you've got a state school place, I'd just do that til 7.

lovetulips Sat 06-Mar-21 10:42:10

panicpidgeon have you considered a NW school like st Christina's in St John's Wood which has converted to co-ed not long ago or St Mary's Hampstead where your DS can stay until 7+ and which will help prep him as it's in their interest that he leaves to a good school?

KimchiLaLa Fri 05-Mar-21 23:42:22

Where did you apply?

MojoMoon Fri 05-Mar-21 22:25:15

Do you have a state school place?

panicpidgeon Fri 05-Mar-21 16:27:29

So, my DS has not been offered a pre-prep place anywhere. We are in the insanely competitive north London area but I thought by applying to a spread of options we'd come out with something but sadly not.

I'm trying to put aside the massive Mum guilt and feelings of having let down DS to one side and work out what the next best step is.

Has anyone been in this position before? Can I ask what you did if so? I'd like to put him in the local state school and perhaps think about tutoring up to the 7+ but DH is extremely reluctant to tutor.

I'd be very grateful for any wise or soothing words.

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