Poole/Bournemouth prep schools

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Fastforwardtospring Mon 30-Aug-21 15:43:58

Park School is in Queens Park area and has very good reputation as
Prep school.

JenMaria Mon 30-Aug-21 15:39:03

I hope my reply is not too late. I have two daughters about to enter year 13 and year 10 at Talbot Heath. It really is the most amazing school, and the lower school there is unparalleled. They have just got a new sensory play ground and the girls have the best interdisciplinary days in the new steam HUB. The school posts all its assemblies on YouTube so it’s worth watching some to see what the lower school atmosphere is like. My yr13 daughter left Parkstone Grammar to go to TH. As for secondary schools, I really do not recommend Parkstone Grammar School. My daughter had some SEN and the school was useless and unsupportive. For secondary schools St Edwards and Bournemouth school for girls are better than PGS in my opinion. But Talbot Heath is just the best.

MrPickles73 Sat 06-Mar-21 12:20:29

A friend of mines children went to Yarrells and was v pleased with and they got into the grammar schools. My experience is traffic can be dire so I would try to move close to the schools.

KR2013 Tue 02-Mar-21 11:20:08

That's great, thanks so much. Any extra info on schools would be great!

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Wdw2022 Tue 02-Mar-21 10:50:14

Travel isn't horrendous.

Talbot heath school has a very good rep. Yarrells are good but any hint of SEN I would avoid.

There are a couple of primary schools that are very good and have a fair whack of movement. Bishop Aldhelms, Manorside and Heatherlands are all excellent. I can chat a bit more via PM on specific schools but don't want to be too outing on who I am in real life publicly. We live lower Parkstone.

KR2013 Mon 01-Mar-21 11:31:55

Hi there, hoping some people can help!

We're looking to move down to Poole or Bournemouth at the end of this school year. We'd ideally like to buy in the Lower Parkstone area but are also looking at Southbourne and Queens Park.

We have twin daughters who are in Year 3 currently, and having spoken to the council, the chances of getting them into a good state primary school are basically zero, so we're looking at private schools for primary and then they'll hopefully get into grammar for secondary.

So far, we've spoken to Yarrells, which we loved, and St Martin's, which we liked but are worried it might be too small (they'd be joining a class that's currently only 11 children, which feels a bit sink or swim for friendships!). We're also talking to Talbot Heath, but I know they encourage the girls to stay on into secondary education and we can't afford to do that.

I would love for them to go to Yarrells, but there seems to be much less housing going in Lower Parkstone at the moment which is right for us, and I'm assuming travelling from Southbourne to Yarrells would be totally horrific?

Does anyone have any feedback on the schools mentioned above or any other suggestions? For reference, we can't afford the more expensive private schools - Yarrells and Talbot Heath are the most we can consider spending.

Thanks in advance!

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