Does anyone have any long term phonics planning that they would share?

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PhoneTVRadio Tue 16-Feb-21 13:11:27

Oh how I miss TES.

I’m probably moving to teach year 1 or reception next year, but I haven’t taught ks1 for a the last 7 years. I've lost my planning. I have resources upon resources (and there's lots out there). What I'm missing is the 'what' and the 'when'. Does anyone have anything like this. I found the phonicsplay old plans, but they refer to resources that I can find anywhere.

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Margaritawithlime Tue 16-Feb-21 13:14:47

What about something like this

Feenie Tue 16-Feb-21 13:21:16

The teaching sequence and pace depend on what your school's chosen phonics scheme is - you have to show total fidelity to whatever that is.

Feenie Tue 16-Feb-21 13:25:01

For example, the above school have chosen Letters and Sounds (popular, but non-resourced) - that document has been around since 2005, very easy to find. But you need to know what your school uses.

soyabean Tue 16-Feb-21 13:55:30

We use Phonicsplay as the basis, and make our own smart board files etc. It follows l and s with detailed daily plans. A godsend! I think it’s about £20 per year and well worth it.

Norestformrz Tue 16-Feb-21 16:11:43

As Feenie says your starting point needs to be the school's chosen phonics programme hopefully they have something robust in place to support.

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