3+ 4+ 5+ 7+ Support Thread 2021

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Thunderball1 Thu 21-Jan-21 23:44:28

Creating a forum for stressed out parents undertaking a particularly difficult assessment path in these days of Covid.

I can only offer support as I'm equally worried as most parents having to record their children and send in video footage of them being particularly clever and those having to do zoom assessments for 3/4 year olds.

Wishing everyone luck and a peaceful mind!

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KimchiLaLa Mon 25-Jan-21 12:26:45

Thanks Thunderball1 - there's another thread on this but labelled 2020 so confusing!

MickeyMinnie Mon 25-Jan-21 12:47:46

Thanks @Thunderball1 for starting this new thread!
Asking on behalf of a mum - has anyone heard back from JAGS for 4+ entry?

DirtyDancing Mon 25-Jan-21 13:38:26

@MickeyMinnie waiting for JAPS 4+ news... on edge of my seat!

Thunderball1 Mon 25-Jan-21 13:54:00

I saw the other group and realised how confusing it was so created 2021.

I hope it helps

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SouthLondonMommy Mon 25-Jan-21 14:09:25

@MickeyMinnie we heard we were shortlisted last week Tuesday and were asked to submit a video of our daughter doing some activities by Friday at 5pm.

Final offers are due by this Friday January 29th. I hope that helps.

KimchiLaLa Mon 25-Jan-21 17:10:42

It's all so nerve wracking isn't it? We're only doing 3+ too lol!


MickeyMinnie Mon 25-Jan-21 17:15:27

Thanks for creating this thread @Thunderball1, and thanks for the info on JAPS @SouthLondonMommy!
This year has been particularly tough for parents and children going through assessments. Many schools are having to work out what to do at the last minute, children are having to adjust to taking tests that are different from past years, and some parents have been kept in the dark as to what’s going on. I guess it’s up to all of us parents to keep each other informed (and sane!). Thanks everyone!

MickeyMinnie Mon 25-Jan-21 18:06:58

Yes it is @KimchiLaLa!

DirtyDancing Mon 25-Jan-21 18:28:06

Is JAPS sending letters or emails do you know? TIA

SouthLondonMommy Tue 26-Jan-21 20:14:42

@DirtyDancing its going to be an email thank goodness!

DirtyDancing Tue 26-Jan-21 20:19:43

If I refresh my the Mail on my phone much more I’ll end up with RSI!!

Newt432 Tue 26-Jan-21 20:23:29

Anyone from Dulwich prep 3+ entry?

KimchiLaLa Wed 27-Jan-21 19:35:49

Anyone had any updates from...anywhere?

DirtyDancing Wed 27-Jan-21 21:00:36

Just popped on to ask the same.. nope! 4+ should be Friday.. next week for our 7+ results. I may have an aneurism! The CAT4 test crashed twice on DS this week in one test & he has to do it again. So annoying!

KimchiLaLa Wed 27-Jan-21 21:15:56

Sounds awful! I think it's worse that we are living through it in real time as it were, ie some of us obviously sat through the video calls (well I did one), etc. There's lots more to analyse and ponder grin

DirtyDancing Wed 27-Jan-21 21:32:50

Same! One of us is in the next room, listening to the whole thing. I don’t think I breathed once. We are also going to see exactly what DS has written in the interview for the literacy element.. and I think sometimes I’d rather not know!

LondonGirl83 Thu 28-Jan-21 09:43:36

Alleyns said they would be restarting their process in early February and emailing out new assessment dates but we haven’t heard anything and can’t get through to the registrar.

Has anyone heard anything from them? I’m hoping we haven’t missed an important email!

LondonGirl83 Thu 28-Jan-21 10:37:07

Never mind, the email just came through! Assessment will be next Friday and Saturday in person

DirtyDancing Thu 28-Jan-21 15:05:01

I am really surprised they have decided to do them in person!

LondonGirl83 Thu 28-Jan-21 16:47:09

Yes, they say it’s because they did half the candidates in December so want to be fair. However, it’s strange as the situation is not really better now than when they postponed a few weeks ago. I think they realised there is no certainty about when things will be back to normal and don’t want to people to withdraw after accepting elsewhere. As it is a parent will have to pay a deposit at JAGS before knowing about Alleyns this year as it’s all out of whack. They usually are perfectly aligned.

DirtyDancing Thu 28-Jan-21 17:52:25

That’s interesting from a waiting list perspective. Might mean there is more movement this year.

SouthLondonMommy Thu 28-Jan-21 18:14:03

Yes, I think JAGs will over offer / have a larger waiting list than usual. Emails are tomorrow night so not much longer to wait!

Goostacean Thu 28-Jan-21 18:20:48

Woo, glad to have found this thread! We only have one application in, for 3+ at Arnold House (NW London). Had a video call with the head over two weeks ago and now no news... Just want to know what the plan is going forwards, so we can plan.

DirtyDancing Thu 28-Jan-21 19:40:46

@SouthLondonMommy what does ‘over offer’ mean? Is it offering to more children, than actual places, in the expectation some will drop out? Would they ever end up with too many kids?!

I didn’t realise it was tomorrow evening, that will save me looking at my phone every 5 mins. Also means I can have wine straight away whatever the outcome!

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