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Hooletthedogsout Thu 21-Jan-21 08:24:29

Interested in knowing if schools are continuing to give ‘star of the week’ type of awards to children? Out school continues to do this inspite of knowing how much more pressure this puts on parents who are struggling with lockdown in various ways? I’ve stopped playing the videos for DS who is 5 who cried last time as he didn’t get any. I’ve explained it away but is it really appropriate now given many parents like me barely get through the daily set work while wfh full time, others with multiple DC, SN etc.? I’m sure there are other ways that make parents like me feel less shit? I’m going to speak to his class teacher but was wondering if I’m being unreasonable?

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imalmosthere Thu 21-Jan-21 08:27:03

Our school still does their gold book which is basically star of the week.
I don't think it's a bad thing. If it's upsetting your child, don't let him watch it. I don't think I would be speaking to the class teacher though. We are all in the same boat.
I'm home schooling and working from
Home. I think it's a nice incentive for children. And they cannot always win, also a good lesson to learn young IMO

mummax3 Thu 21-Jan-21 14:35:53

Our school are not doing star of the week at the moment. I understand what you mean, bringing it up with the teachers wouldn't be a bad thing xx

HamAndButterSandwich Fri 22-Jan-21 11:32:54

I kind of agree with you OP. At five years old very few children will be capable of working independently if their parents aren't available to help. It must be upsetting for kids to not be able to win awards when others have a full time parent on hand.

kannayya Mon 25-Jan-21 16:44:03


you know what, these awards are mainly for the teachers sake. So they do it. It's to prove they are doing their thing. Our kids are stars for us. when they do this star o the week scheme, it may motivate few others to improve schools reputation??

I know some will upset. My boy totally ignoring them . He never shown any interest , but he might have gone through all that silently??

This 'star' system has lots o side effects , but schools success is also measured by these competitive or pushy stuff.

Norestformrz Mon 25-Jan-21 17:17:17

I never knew that these awards were for my benefit. I only give them when I think they are deserved (not necessarily every week or every month). They are valued because they have to be earned and aren't an entitlement or a sign the teacher has been "doing their thing" hmm

kannayya Mon 25-Jan-21 17:33:36


I didn't mean every teacher must be knowing it. every child deserve praise for their hard work. some present more for various reasons.
so how do they do justice for children of different natures?

why bullies are more in the 'star of the week' children??

our school does it even, based on age of child ( august born will have first advantage. ) when my child don't mind who got it, I too don't bother. Just responding to OP.


Norestformrz Mon 25-Jan-21 17:38:32

Children receive praise all the time in feedback. Star of the week (or whatever version might be used by individual schools) is a special award.
Unfortunately there is a sense of entitlement so some teachers simply work their way through the register to ensure every child gets a turn ... a pointless exercise that devalues the award.

kannayya Tue 26-Jan-21 08:33:43

OP, also don't assume childs understanding are in proprtion to a parent working and non working status. lockdown helped more to both working parents to have child with them and support better too. its all depends how secured your proffession is and how organised in the house over the years. But nothing is good or bad.Be happy for what you are, that makes your child a star another day in another thing. have good week day smile

BendingSpoons Tue 26-Jan-21 08:44:36

DDs school now have a weekly Zoom call for Star of the Week. I don't want to skip the call as DD loves seeing her friends. But it now feels the pressure is on to get home learning uploaded in time. Last week DD got great feedback for a piece of work and really hoped it would be her. We worked hard to manage expectations. I wish they didn't do it, especially now when they aren't getting other bits like reading certificates.

espresso14 Sun 31-Jan-21 13:24:38

Our school are back doing it, and it gets circulated to the parents, not the pupils. The criteria for getting star of the week is that you have to have attempted EVERY piece of work set. No recognition that in some families this is simply impossible (and given every day is the same formula of white rose maths and twinkl worksheets, it's not like they are endlessly setting exciting school work).

NerrSnerr Sun 31-Jan-21 13:27:13

Ours still do it but it's very individual, for example one child got one of them this week for attending live lessons as she hasn't before this week. Each class give out 2 stars of the week and one reader of the week so they all get them fairly regularly.

Marmite27 Sun 31-Jan-21 13:35:45

They’ve never stopped the golden book at our school, but they’ve instigated something called star moment.

We’ve had tears every single day they’ve done it, I wish they’d stop. At least with the golden book I can watch the assembly and get it beforehand, but in the middle of a specific lesson it can’t be avoided. Last thing on a bloody Friday too

Tiquismiquis Sun 31-Jan-21 20:29:49

Ours does it but quite a few children get it in each class, it’s clearly on rotation and is put in the newsletter. I don’t know if I’ve produced an extremely cynical child but when my 4 year old got hers earlier this term she just turned around and said but why mummy? I do well every week and this week wasn’t anything special. I spent a long time saying well it’s for super phonics effort blah blah blah but she wasn’t convinced. In the first few weeks of reception she asked me why some of the naughty children were on the special board when she was good but hadn’t been. She’s too bloody observant for her own good.

TheFakePlantIsTheOnlyOneILike Wed 03-Feb-21 15:42:34

DDs school are still doing headteachers mention in the newsletter, and they're still sending prizes from the in class behaviour chart home. They come through the post with a little note from the TA or teacher about why the childs getting them.

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