Summer born offset question

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Jholli Thu 21-Jan-21 00:54:26

Hi hoping someone on here may have been through something similar and can shed any light.
Our summer born DD was supposed to start reception in September 2020
We had agreement from LA that she would be offset for a year until September 2021.
Apply for school place in time via local authority and get a message this evening to say now she’s been offset she can only go to a community school?! I may be totally naive here but I actually didn’t know there was a difference between schools and it turns out the school we want and practically every other viable option is also an academy. The school in question has literally only just changed to an academy so I wouldn’t have known this at the time anyway unless I had a crystal ball.
Hopefully someone can give me good news on this is there some sort of appeal process?

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spanieleyes Thu 21-Jan-21 13:13:38

The Local authority can presumably only instruct local authority ( community) schools to take some one out of year, it would be down to other schools whether they wanted to or not. You may need to approach academy schools individually, each one will have their own rules to follow.

Terribletiming Sat 23-Jan-21 17:41:53

Join the group ‘flexible school admissions for summer Borns’ on Facebook and ask your question there. Lots of knowledgeable people who should be able to help.

Constanttaxiservice Sat 23-Jan-21 19:24:17

You need to approach the academies themselves individually as they will have their own admission criteria. They may or may not be willing to accept your dd out of year

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