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ilkleymoorbartat Wed 25-Nov-20 11:41:36

I've posted before about my sons reading. He's 6 and in Year 1. I didn't really think there was an issue but the teacher keeps commenting on the fact that he's unfocused in reading sessions and has put him in 1 to 1 reading with a volunteer.

I've asked her what the issue is and if he's behind but the answers are all very vague. She says that she thinks he doesn't read phonetically, but when we read the books at home he seems fine although sounding out some words.

I asked what level they expected to be on and she said at the stage they want them to be on at least the end of band 2. She then said "and last week I sent him home with a band 3 book". Which he read at home fine.

I've spent the last couple of weeks feeling really down about the whole thing, and this morning in tears after she pulled me aside to say they were going to be doing one to one reading with him.

I think they issue is I can't work out if there's an issue or not. Clearly there is enough of one for her to keep mentioning it and to put him in individual reading lessons, but then according to where she needs him to be he's there.

I feel so confused and worried. Can anyone help or advise please?! I don't really know what I'm asking. Some reassurance I guess, but also I don't want to be blind if there is a problem.

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Findahouse21 Wed 25-Nov-20 11:44:04

Sounds to me like the difficulty is him not being able to focus when reading in a group rather than 1-1.l, especially as he can read at home or when they're giving 1-1 sessions. Can you chat with him and try and see if he finds it difficult or focus on him reading with small distractions eg radio in the background

ilkleymoorbartat Wed 25-Nov-20 11:48:43

Thank you @Findahouse21 Sorry for my rambling OP.

He definitely struggles to focus. Even at home we have to remove all distractions. He just fiddles with everything and gets bored easily.

I've been reluctant to talk to him about it directly because I don't want it to become a "thing", but tbh it feels like it's become a thing for us anyway.

I guess I just don't want us all to be feeling like this if it's not needed. I don't want to be stressing about him doing phonics every night if it's not necessary.

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Findahouse21 Wed 25-Nov-20 11:52:12

Dd (also year 1) doesn't read phonetically and I don't see it as a big deal and neither do her teachers. She can if she has to, but it slows her down. She's a free reader so hasn't impacted her reading ability, so if I was in your situation I'd focus on him being able to read in whatever way is best for him, but lean more towards allowing him to concentrate

ilkleymoorbartat Wed 25-Nov-20 12:01:42

I suppose if he was reading at a higher level I wouldn't worry about him not learning phonetically.

It just seems like on one hand she's saying there's an issue and then on the other that there isn't.

We definitely need to work on his focus

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LondonGirl83 Wed 25-Nov-20 18:57:37

I wouldn't worry. Just read together. Some kids naturally sight read though its important to make sure they learn phonics so they can decode new words. Teach Your Monster is a good app that makes practicing / decoding and spelling quite fun.

ilkleymoorbartat Wed 25-Nov-20 19:37:28

Thank you @LondonGirl83 I'll look at that app

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