Independent primary schools near Oxford

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TessaThomas Sun 22-Nov-20 10:46:07

Hi all,

We are looking to move near Oxford and have a four year old boy currently in Reception. We are looking for a private school which focuses on the whole child, nurturing as well as academics and somewhere he will have access to the outdoors - he is very active and loves all sports. We choose a private school in Cardiff with a great outdoor space attached to the classroom and a forest school as he thrives in smaller groups and a good teacher child ratio (can act out in big groups). Very appreciative of any tips!

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ChocolateHoneycomb Sun 22-Nov-20 13:28:52

New college school.
Small outside area at first look but has massive playing fields and use of vast university facilities (eg astroturfs, tennis courts, cricket nets etc) plus regularly in university parks across the road. Currently mid enormous new building project. They do about 5hrs sports/games per week (football, rugby hockey, cross country, athletics, tennis, gym, cricket) then option extra hour for clubs after school. Clubs include sports done during games and things like judo, yoga, table tennis, basketball. Can’t remember it all off hand.
Academic standards v high.
Nurturing - fantastic for my Ds with SEND.

TessaThomas Sun 22-Nov-20 15:16:08

Thanks so much Chocolate Honeycomb for this advice - I will check it out.

I also read about Chandlings School as we are not adverse to living in a small town Or village outside Oxford. Have you heard of this school?

Thanks again!

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TessaThomas Sun 22-Nov-20 15:18:09

While not an absolute requirement, we are hoping for a co-Ed. Thanks again

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ChocolateHoneycomb Mon 23-Nov-20 08:06:10

less familiar with chandlings but I’ve heard good things, slightly different vibe I think due to being in country vs. city, plus many of the oxford schools have a lot of academic/medical parents who are prioritising education and are not super well off. I’ve felt at sports events etc the country schools had more mums who don’t work/ look fabulous etc. When we visited loads of schools there did seem to be slightly variable social trends to the schools, but I’m sure this varies over time in each one so I’d make your own mind up where your family would fit well and where your ds would do best.

Consider the up to 11 vs up to 13 issue for boys. I had no idea about this when we set off on this education journey but now realise it is quite a big thing, as the 13+ Senior schools would leave a gap between 11-13 which then means you need another school for a couple of years. Or you go for those schools that are 11-18 without significant joiners at 13 (appear to often be slightly different group of schools) OR those with two inputs e.g. Abingdon/ magdalen, but they are mostly super selective. All very confusing I’m afraid!

Have you looked at
- The Manor - v well thought of
- Abingdon prep - boys but v sporty, probably less nurturing and feeds into the vast selective senior school so has no impetus to help those who want to look at a wider group of schools
- Dragon - not v familiar but people seem to consider it wonderful round here so def worth a look
- Rye st Anthony is mixed until 11 and very pastorally sound and less academically pushy but still has good academic standards
- summer fields now has a preprep and is a brilliant, caring school. I am impressed by summerfields - it is costly though and when mine started was yr4 upwards so we didn’t look at it closely.
- Christchurch is boys only, similar to new college but I thought it had weaker areas, more focused on music (we are not v musical) and at the time we looked seemed to have lots of places, which is suspicious in the buoyant local market. Was a few yrs back though.

look at everywhere and good luck!

TessaThomas Sun 29-Nov-20 11:43:23

Hi Chocolate HoneyComb, thanks so much for all this wonderful and very helpful info! This week was a whirlwind between motherhood and work and I didn’t get to write back sooner. There seem to be very good options and We’re hoping to do a tour as soon as we can. Thanks again! You’ve been very generous with your time and advice.

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