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Can you take a child out of school for a short period *covid*

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viixie Thu 19-Nov-20 10:36:45

Sorry I just need to ask. Basically I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant so pretty near the end now and this is what is worrying me most.

My daughter is 6 in year 1 full time education. As of Friday last week she has to isolate at home for two weeks due to having close contact with her teacher who became symptomatic with covid last Friday (in which the teacher went home from school after lunch). The teacher then had a positive test over the weekend and we were all informed. Since then two pupils and a parent have also tested positive. This is along with a reception class teacher, a pupil in reception and a member in year 5 & year 6. They are closing the school from Thursday until Monday (4days) for a deep clean and then reopening for all of the classes who haven't had a positive case from Monday. I personally feel the school should shut for a good two weeks and ensure everyone is okay. I feel it all the other classes go back, those who aren't symptomatic yet are just going to spread it again and it will all go around in circles. I'm worried about sending my daughter back in just over a week in case this happens at which time I will be very heavily pregnant. I would feel safer keeping her off until after Christmas which is a further three weeks later. Is this illegal? What are your suggestions/opinions? Thankyou for reading

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coolingbreezes Thu 19-Nov-20 16:20:24

You'd need to talk to the school. Basically, absence of this sort is at the Head's discretion. If he/she agrees to authorise it then you're fine (obviously it will impact upon your child's attendance figures, but I shouldn't think you care too much about that at the moment). If it's put down as unauthorised (ie the Head says no but you do it anyway) then the school could in theory ask the local authority to fine and ultimately prosecute you. I doubt you'd even get fined at the moment though, even if it is unauthorised, as schools are being encouraged to only fine as a last resort. I'd speak to your Head, openly and honestly. Good luck flowers.

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