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Thomas's Fulham vs Glendower vs Ken Prep

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Chelseaminx Fri 20-Nov-20 12:24:17

We are in a similar situation to you - we have an offer for Thomas's Fulham and have an assessment at KP. KP is our preference as the leaving results appear to be much better. It is such a shame that KP is no longer part of the West London Prep School Consortium as we had intended to take the place at Thomas's and then wait to see if DD got a place at KP and if she did, we could get the Thomas's deposit refunded. So we are now faced with losing the deposit at Thomas's if we take up a place at KP sad. They're both very good schools, so ultimately DD will be happy at either but our preference is KP. We will probably end up paying the deposit at Thomas's just to be assured of a place but hope that DD gets a place at KP.

ChelseaYummyMummy Wed 18-Nov-20 13:41:50

Hi there, would love to get some advice on which school to choose for my daughter! She has a place at Thomas's Fulham (received in the ballot) and we have to decide by the end of next week, but won't know about Glendower/Ken Prep until January when she sits the assessment.
Would LOVE to hear from any mums with kids at Thomas's Fulham - are you happy with it? And more widely, what would anyone recommend in this situation. Thank you so much in advance!

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