Western Primary, Winchester

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Emmam1 Fri 13-Nov-20 12:35:45

I'm in same position as you this year and it sounds like we are in a similar area. I have only heard good things about Western. I would assume numbers have been impacted in recent years by first Westgate Lower school opening and last year Barton Farm Academy. Both of which would have affected that side of Winchester.

WinchesterSchoolMum Thu 12-Nov-20 14:35:08

I am applying for my daughter to start school next September and live in Winchester.

I am putting Westgate as our first choice school and although we live close enough that we should get a place I am aware that not all catchment kids got in last year so I want to make sure I am 100% happy with my second and third choices.

We are also in the catchment for Western Primary school. I have heard both good and bad things about this school from people I know locally although none of them currently have a child in the school. I have looked at the admissions data and noticed that last year they took children from a massive area, way beyond the catchment, and from a bigger distance than the other good local schools. I know that The Westgate school sharing the catchment is a factor in this, but St Bede's also shares the catchment and still takes children from a much smaller area. Is there a reason people don't want to send their children to Western Primary?

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