7+ 2021

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RedBlueWhite Thu 12-Nov-20 10:14:21

Hi everyone,

Are there any parents here with children appearing for 7+ admissions for North London schools. DD is going to be appearing the first round of assessments in ten days and I am looking to connect with any other parents in the same boat.
This year has been so unfair on children in terms of quality of education they have received and am feeling quite nervous about our decision to even appear for the assessments. I hope dd comes out of the entire process stronger and not weaker.

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VeryWorriedParents19 Sat 14-Nov-20 14:15:08

Any one doing 7+ at KCS today? How does your boy feel?

DemiLune111 Sat 14-Nov-20 14:42:02

I heard that there was no composition as such, is it true?

RedBlueWhite Sun 15-Nov-20 21:36:14

We are appearing only for NLCS and Habs girls. First round of Habs girls i.e the Maths and English assessments, is on a group zoom call. I am not sure how on earth is that going to work!

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Stressedmum2019 Tue 12-Jan-21 22:44:57

It’s so weird all these online assessments

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