How much/often do you communicate with teaching staff ?

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Billi77 Thu 05-Nov-20 21:59:34

Good to know it’s not just me being socially awkward!

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SocialBees Thu 05-Nov-20 21:48:28

Rarely, apart from parents evenings. If everything is going smoothly there's no need.

SionnachRua Thu 05-Nov-20 21:47:45

That'd be pretty typical, there are quite a few parents in my class that I haven't had contact with. School is very different to nursery and preschool.

Dinosforall Thu 05-Nov-20 21:45:13

We use full wraparound care so see the teacher very infrequently in person (though we have already had parents' evening). However she is very active on Tapestry and has made it clear we are free to ask her questions on there - is there something similar available to you? The teacher would probably prefer it to being collared in the playground!

LD22020 Thu 05-Nov-20 20:31:00

I have daily contact in various forms but my child has an ehcp

LD22020 Thu 05-Nov-20 20:28:29

Generally once they hit reception no news is good news. They tend to be on quick contact with issues.

Billi77 Thu 05-Nov-20 19:21:22

My DD started reception this autumn . There is no engagement between parents due to lockdown so I really can’t work out how ‘things are done’.
I haven’t once spoken with a teacher. Is this bad? I notice other parents doing it but feel shy or like I’d be bothering them/going against school and lockdown etiquette. I don’t have any major issues to raise and parents meeting is next week on zoom. I just feel I should be making more effort and might be letting my DD down in not making it.

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