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Eton House The Manor: Share your experience

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Darik Mon 26-Oct-20 20:53:17

Hello everybody!
I am wondering if anyone with a child at Eton House the Manor would mind sharing their experience. It is so hard to make a decision about schools without having seen them.
Thank you to anyone who wants to offer feedback!

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Poto300 Mon 30-Nov-20 14:55:00

I realise your request was posted a while ago, but just seen it. I have two children at Eaton House the Manor. They have been there since the nursery and my eldest is now 12 and will be moving on to his next School shortly. My boys have thrived. We love everything about the school and couldn't be happier. There is quite a strong emphasis on sport, which they both love. hope that helps but, I am happy to answer any specific queries you may have too.

Darik Mon 30-Nov-20 17:08:44

Hello. Thank you for the message.
Do you have any information regarding the girls’ school. It seems that it’s relatively new and I couldn’t find anything on the internet

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Poto300 Mon 30-Nov-20 17:29:00

My experience is with the boys school. But they are on the same site. I only hear good things about the girls school 😊

Coroico97 Mon 30-Nov-20 23:58:49

If you just google Eaton House Girls School there is loads of info. You do need to spell Eaton right though. My daughter was there from age 5-11. Fantastic school.

fallfallfall Tue 01-Dec-20 00:11:36

two grandkids attend, one in boys one in girls. the grand kids are happy the parents are happy.
what are you looking for in a school OP?
in the case of my family the primary concern was enjoyment of education good foundation for lifelong learning. my list included swimming, ballet and french as a priority.

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