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No proof of address for secondary school application

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TicTacTwo Mon 26-Oct-20 15:15:58

When I was a SAHM my name was on bills that I didn't pay so I could discuss problems with the utility companies. It was also handy from a prof of identity angle.

haba Mon 26-Oct-20 14:34:43

Why wouldn't you just put his father's name on the application instead? Council Tax bill should be in both your names anyway, as presumably you're registered to vote?

zeebree Mon 26-Oct-20 14:24:45

Are you sure you can not edit the application and add the father ? I did this yesterday as my council has an online process.

Spam88 Mon 26-Oct-20 14:11:06

Not helpful now, but for the future, there's no reason why both of your names can't be on your utility accounts.

zeebree Mon 26-Oct-20 14:06:36

Add your husband to the application or start a new application in your husbands name - see if the council accept a council number - it is often online these days so there will be a work around.

I remember when I did primary I just needed council tax number and it was in my husbands name and I just added his name also.

In addition when I did secondary they did not ask for any proof. But said they could do checks if they needed.

prh47bridge Mon 26-Oct-20 07:49:37

If you are worried, either change your application to be in your husband's name or cancel it and make a new application in his name. You have until 31st October. Until then you can change your application as often as you want.

SJaneS48 Mon 26-Oct-20 07:18:40

Can you change the application details? I don’t know what the closing date is this year but is this something you can amend? Could you attach the water bill and your marriage certificate?

We were asked to have proof of residence but we weren’t asked for it either at application or offer acceptance stage.

WishIWasSomewhereElse Sun 25-Oct-20 19:01:58

Thanks @admission. I've filled in the application on the council's site in my married name, the only thing still in my maiden name is the water, and that's only because I just moved my account address and never got around to changing it.

After filling in the form and submitting evidence (I used a referral letter from my GP as it was from September, and the gas & electric bills), I noticed it said that the evidence has to be in the name of the parent making the application, so I guess they will now refuse our application, as I'm not working and my husband pays all the bills.

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admission Sun 25-Oct-20 18:52:47

You should be entering the application in your normal name. The admission guidance at para 2.5 states "admission authorities may need to ask for proof of address where it is unclear whether a child meets the published oversubscription code." Personally I think that the LA is asking for proof of everybody when they should not be but if in their information they say you have to provide it then I do accept you need to do something about it or risk not being offered a place that you want.
I think that your friend is incorrect in saying the evidence has to be in the name of the person filling in the form. Assuming that your husband lives at the home and the child is living at the address then anything that proves their residency should be sufficient. I might also add that the admission code in para 2,4A specifically states that any personal details about parents and families, such as maiden names, criminal convictions, marital or financial status (including marriage certificates) must not be asked for.

WishIWasSomewhereElse Sun 25-Oct-20 15:34:41

Filling in the secondary schools application on the council site.

It said you have to have utility bills, that were within the last three months, to prove your residency.

I filled the form in my name, and would like to keep it as such.

However, my friend has informed me, that the bills have to be in the name of the person who fills in the form. I don't pay any of the bills here, my husband does them all (and all are online obviously).

The only things in my name are the water (which still has my maiden name on), my mobile phone (not sure it has my address or not), or bank statements.

I also have patient access, which has my address on at my GP's surgery.

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