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Puma Maths Summer Test scores (reception)

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lazylockdowner Thu 22-Oct-20 18:50:26

Hi can anyone give me any info on the the scoring/marks? I'm just trying to find out where my child is but can't find any info online

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FluffyPJs Thu 22-Oct-20 18:57:01

Why don't you ask their teacher? I assume that's who gave you the score?

lazylockdowner Thu 22-Oct-20 19:11:05

Well it's half term so that's not possible, was hoping someone may know and help me out until I can talk to the teacher

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FluffyPJs Thu 22-Oct-20 23:18:46

You would have to have access to the rising stars website, so you can see the scores entered by the teacher in order to see which areas of maths they are stronger in and which they are weaker in. Do you know the total score they got? Or do you have the paper they completed? Is it a current year 1 child who did the reception summer paper? We did this to baseline our children using the paper they missed during lockdown

lazylockdowner Fri 23-Oct-20 14:43:14

FluffyPJ's yes dc is now year 1, it was the puma summer reception paper they have done due to missing it due to Covid.

Dc scores 29 (don't know what that's out of) dc is good at maths and I just wondered where that put her and what the average expected range is

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FluffyPJs Mon 26-Oct-20 17:21:24

They could have scored at most 30 so a very good score! Off the top of my head (without the mark book) I think average was 17, so above average

lazylockdowner Thu 29-Oct-20 19:02:35

FluffyPJs oh wow that's excellent, she's always been very good at maths and reception teachers mentioned she was advanced and just understands it and takes it on board quickly.

Teacher mentioned next to start teaching her money/time at home... any tips on what best to do with her or other things we can look at to progress her

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Stilllookingfor Thu 29-Oct-20 23:43:52

Sorry my ignorance, please can you explain what is Puma maths and is this used in preps only?

spanieleyes Fri 30-Oct-20 08:47:24

It's a test based assessment system that provides scaled scores for children when used. It is a commercial scheme that any school ( or indeed, individual) can purchase to use if they want. It's certainly not used exclusively by prep schools.

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