ICS versus Southbank (n'hoods)

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lankan21 Wed 21-Oct-20 17:07:55

Hi mums, new to this forum and (about to be) new to London... I'm deciding between Southbank Int'l in Hampstead and ICS in Marylebone for my two children. I'm confident they would both be great schools--I'm coming from a developing country (that's lacking in the school department) and education in London will certainly feel like an upgrade. What I'm more interested in is the neighborhoods. Marylebone feels like less of a "family friendly" area, but I'm not sure Hampstead is either. I'm open to input on the schools, but would really appreciate what you think of the surrounding neighborhoods for families, as I'd likely choose to live close to school. TIA!

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Tigermom79 Wed 21-Oct-20 21:23:21

Hampstead has more families living in the general area than Marylebone, in case that’s what you meant by family friendly. You have access to some wonderful green spaces from both - the Heath and Regent’s Park, as well as local parks such as Paddington Square gardens. You should look at affordability of accommodation in both, since what my budget could get would be a key criteria for me at least. If you plan to drive, you should consider which location may fall in the congestion zone, although this might change in the near future.

You will find Parent groups on Facebook covering both locations - you may want to address specific qs there as well. Or add more detail around what your specific criteria are to your post here.

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