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HopelesslyOptimistic Sun 25-Oct-20 18:54:07

Reedfedsail thanks for that optimistic outlook and lovely to hear a teachers perspective. My gut is definitely in the mood for exploration without the guilt of failing as a parent by removing from an institution. Prior to COVID, I would never of contemplated home schooling. Here's hoping it doesn't back fire and COVID prevents travel. Thankfully I have time on my side. Year/6 I'm thinking makes more sense.

reefedsail Fri 23-Oct-20 17:59:12

Lots of children go to secondary school from prep schools, home schooling or education in a different country without SATs results.

Personally (primary teacher for 20 years) I think Y6 is a negative experience for many children these day. Endless SATs papers until May then lack of structure and emotional drama on overdrive afterwards. I'm sure some love it and some schools get it just right, but plenty don't. My own child in in Y6 and I'd cheerfully pull him out if he weren't at a 3-13 prep.

HopelesslyOptimistic Fri 23-Oct-20 11:42:29

Solidaritea, it doesn't help that he missed Sats in year/2 so he would have no such data to take with him into secondary. I'd probably ask his school if there are other assessment options. Year/6 travel would prevent the added issue of getting him back into his over subscribed Juniors. Food for thought.

solidaritea Fri 23-Oct-20 07:54:54

Not having Sat's results does have an indirect effect at secondary.

Sat's give a benchmark which schools use to determine progress. If your child has no Sat's data, they will not have these predictions and thus cna lead to students not being targeted for additional support because school knows they won't count in progress data.

It's a minor effect in my opinion and will be hugely offset by the benefit of his experience travelling.

But a lot of children enjoy year 6 more than any other year, because they're top of the school, often enjoy seeing the progress they make, get practice with exams and get to do lots of fun leaver's stuff in summer.

Depends on your child (and the global pandemic, obvs), but I would say there is nothing inherently better about going in year 6 compared to year 5.

JaJaDingDong Fri 23-Oct-20 07:52:17

I would say that travelling doesn't negate your residency. Your home address will still be the same. It's just a long holiday really.

But I'd hold your horses if I were you. The Covid and associated restrictions could be around for years.

It was a long time ago, but we spent a year travelling in Australia when I was 10 and DSis was 8. I passed my 11+ shortly after we came home so it can't have done me any harm (this was in the days when everyone did 11+).

I can't say I remember a lot of it though 40 years later.

HopelesslyOptimistic Fri 23-Oct-20 07:46:56

Reefedsail, forgot to mention I've changed my tag name!

HopelesslyOptimistic Fri 23-Oct-20 07:44:14

Thanks Reefedsail, year/5 I guess they pile on the learning for Sats in year/6. Is that your thinking/experience? Before I research, do you know if missing Sats has a detrimental effect for the start of Secondary school? I'm told I can apply for Secondary because we are UK citizens. Here's hoping COVID has buggered off!

reefedsail Wed 21-Oct-20 19:16:03

I would definitely go during Y6. However, can you apply for secondary school if you are not resident in the UK?

You might have to stay until school applications are in and then go?

sfw1970 Tue 20-Oct-20 22:06:26

COVID homeschooling has got me seriously thinking of a world travel gap year. My son is currently year/3, we are contemplating travelling throughout year/5 & returning to complete year/6. Would travelling in year/6 be a better option? Help!

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