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St John's CofE Lacey green princes Risborough

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woodsywalkers123 Fri 09-Oct-20 12:34:07

Now I'm asking for a long shot !

Anyone have any information action or thoughts on the above primary school.
Also in general what are the main differences between a standard primary and a church if England school?

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Guymere Fri 09-Oct-20 19:45:26

There are two types of C of E schools. Controlled and Aided. Controlled are often local authority schools where the LA employs the staff and owns the buildings. They are CofE in ethos though and have a strong Church input. They don’t have Church attendance as a requirement of admission but they will have a C of E element in the daily act of worship. They are required to teach the agreed RE syllabus.

Aided schools are very likely to have church attendance as a requirement for entry. How high up the criteria this is does vary. They have stronger links with the Diocese Education board and employ their own teachers and own their buildings. C of E influence can be much more obvious in the ethos of the school and the daily act of worship. All c of e schools get their annual funds from the LA, not the church.

A standard local authority community school will have a daily act of worship but these might be “lighter” with less reference to Bible stories, for example. The RE curriculum will be the same. It’s agreed locally for all schools.

Other than that, expect the national curriculum and a good education at all schools!

woodsywalkers123 Sat 10-Oct-20 07:20:33

@Guymere thank you again for the information

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