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Monks risborough or Princes risborough primary

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woodsywalkers123 Wed 07-Oct-20 17:54:18

we are moving into the area and struggling to find any information or opinions on the above two local primary schools
does anyone have children at either school
any information would be much appreciated

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Guymere Wed 07-Oct-20 19:12:35

Princes Risborough Primary has struggled for years. The upwardly mobile avoid it. Monks Risborough is a better bet. Lots of people love Great Kimble School. Was it you who didn’t like the lack of a playing field? It’s got a lot else that families love and it’s very different to PRP.

woodsywalkers123 Thu 08-Oct-20 12:01:32

thank you for the reply!
no not the lacking of a playing field, there did not seem to be so many after school sports or clubs happening but i am sure i could find these interests elsewere!
yes i just have this niggling feeling that PRP is not the best bet here my son is 4 and so has so many years in front of him, our catchment will PRP but Monks is the close second so i wonder can i still put Monks as first choice and i also wonder how strict they are with entry citereia being a COE school

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Guymere Thu 08-Oct-20 16:13:37

Look at the prospectus and Admissions Policy. Bucks c c has all the info on their web site about how places for all schools were allocated and you can check from that if you have a decent chance. One of the reasons PRP struggles is that local parents go elsewhere. Either private or village schools.

I really wouldn’t discount any popular village “Good” school you can get to. After school clubs are not everything.

Guymere Thu 08-Oct-20 16:15:02

I forgot to say “Aided” c of e schools usually require church attendance. C of E “controlled” schools usually work on catchment around here.

Cloud21 Thu 08-Oct-20 23:17:07

I know families who attend both but I don’t have any personal connections so am only going on what I’ve been told.

Monks: No strong Head for a few years.
No after school clubs currently running.
Always sought after according to the Governors. Families have been accepted without attending Church.

PR: Is very much on the rise having been in Special Measures several years ago & parents are passionate about defending the new reputation it is earning. Has a classroom especially for SEN I think (?) which did put off some parents as they didn’t see why these children should be separated.

Happy to be corrected.

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