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Independent Schools - Edgbaston, Birmingham

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sunflowers45 Tue 06-Oct-20 13:32:13

I am looking for experience/reviews for the following schools:

1. Hallfield School
2. Bluecoat School
3. Priory School
4. Norfolk House School
5. St Georges School

I've listed them in order of fees payable (high to low) but do you really get what you pay for? Are the more expensive schools better?

I would really appreciate your views on these schools.

Also, any opinions on independent versus state schools are most welcomed.

Thank you in advance.

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Underactor Tue 06-Oct-20 19:15:44

St George's is the least academic.

Hallfield the most traditional and probably the best 11+ and KE result.

The others are good but I wouldn't choose At George's.

Is it for a DS?

Movinghouse2015 Tue 06-Oct-20 19:19:22

I would not pay to send a child to St George's.

sunflowers45 Tue 06-Oct-20 21:32:47


Thank you for the helpful views on St George's; is this based on personal experience.I'm not keen on it either but thought I'd include on the list for completeness.

It's for DD and therefore did not list West House smile.

I'm quite keen on Norfolk House as it is a smaller setting. Do you have any views/experiences of this one? My DS is shy and I feel she would thrive in a smaller school?

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Movinghouse2015 Tue 06-Oct-20 21:54:53

M experience with St George's is on a professional level, not personal experience with DC.

Underactor Tue 06-Oct-20 21:59:19

If it's for a DD I would also look at EHS.

I would also prefer blue coat for a girl over Hallfield.

KurriKawari Tue 06-Oct-20 21:59:27

Not St George's. DD went there and their (lack of) safeguarding put her life at risk. Was the most awful experience of my life and even now years later thinking about it makes me upset.

sunflowers45 Tue 06-Oct-20 22:11:21

@Underactor - Thank you. WHy would you suggest Bluecoat over Hallfield?

@KurriKawari - I'm sorry to hear of your safeguarding experiences. I worry about incidents such as these. I hope you were able to move to a different school and haven't had to experience again.

@Movinghouse2015 - That's useful to know. Is it because they do not have resources or the quality of teaching?

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sunflowers45 Tue 06-Oct-20 22:12:43

@underactor - thank you, yes will add EHS to the list too! Hadn't really considered even though I go past it everyday - blush

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KurriKawari Tue 06-Oct-20 22:18:31

Thank you OP, we moved DD to a lovely little state school, best thing we ever did for her, and she flew her SATs.

Underactor Tue 06-Oct-20 22:53:19

EHS is where I would pick for a daughter. I like an all girl's school though. Especially for a slightly quieter girl.

Hallfield has always felt very 'traditional'. It was a boys school back in the day I think and is still a bit boy heavy. It's very rigourous and less holistic than the other schools. I'm sure they have good pastoral care but it is all about the exam grades.

How old is your DD and what is she like?

sunflowers45 Wed 07-Oct-20 09:15:41

@Underactor - Thank you for the advice. My DD has just turned 4 and she is naturally 'shy'. She has ability (especially as she is one of the older children in a school year) and attends a nursery setting in one of the edgbaston nurseries but needs the confidence to realise she is able! (does that even make sense? haha)

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Purp1e Wed 07-Oct-20 23:36:35

Commenting just so I can find the thread again blush.
Also interested in these schools and any further comments that come along. Only it would be for a year 3 place in a few years time.

@sunflowers45 I’m not a fan of St. George’s either. Haven’t heard particularly good things about it. I won’t be wasting my money there.

sunflowers45 Wed 07-Oct-20 23:54:27

@Purp1e - I hope you find this thread useful.

General consensus seems to be no to St Georges, Hallfield and Bluecoat being top options (with EHS also an option if you have a DD) and no real commentary on Norfolk House or Priory yet.

Is you child currently at a state school? Is there a reason you're considering entry from year 3 only? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts.


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Fram Thu 08-Oct-20 00:27:34

What are you aiming for at 11?
EHS, Priory, St. George's all go through to 18.
Hallfield now go to 13.
Priory isn't particularly academic, though they are trying to realign themselves. It's also Catholic which may be a sticking point.
St. George's has very small classes, and takes many children with additional needs.
We were not underwhelmed by the destinations and outcomes for EHS at 18, and obviously they want girls to remain with them at 11, so preparation for entrance to other schools at 11 is hardly one of their priorities. I have the impression their pastoral care is hit and miss- some we know said it's good, and others said it was dire.
I never hear anything about NH, which says it all really. I don't even know about where children go on to- my children have never knowingly met a child that went there.
Which leaves Hallfield and Blue Coat. Two sides of the same coin. BC is evenly balanced boy/girl, H is still quite boy heavy (because EHS is around the corner). That suits some girls though. Both send many pupils each year to selective schools, a fair number with scholarships. BC were non-uniform until recently, which was lovely, but they have gone down the route of "oh, I need other parents to notice my child is at an expensive prep otherwise what am I paying for?"...

Both schools have fairly new Heads. I haven't warmed particularly to either of them!

At the end of the day, your daughter will get out what she puts in. If you want success at entrance to secondary then you'll need to prepare her. If you want her to excel in music then she'll need private lessons, or sports she'll need to be attending clubs regularly etc etc.
Paying for schooling does not automatically bring success- it has to be worked for. Most of that effort comes down to you- instilling a sound work ethic in her from a young age, encouraging a love of learning, supporting her studies and consolidating her knowledge, recognising what she does well and helping her practise that which she does not yet do well.

Fram Thu 08-Oct-20 00:29:04

So sorry- we were underwhelmed by ehs outcomes at a level. A rogue 'not' there.

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